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Lurker Amnesty Day, Week, Month

Come on in, folks.  Don't feel awkward or shy.  I hereby declare today "Lurker Amnesty Day."  You're not committing to commenting ever again.  I promise.  :)  So say hi just this once.

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What if we're not lurkers? Can we say HI, too?! Hee!!

Of course -- but only if you bring me chocolate.


Will Jaffa's do? they're partly chocolate (although I have to ration them). lol
Or wait, I just made a cake!! I'll send you a slice (once it's iced)! YUM!!

HAI! Do you still have some left?!

one sleeve. :(
like i said, rationing - once I crack it open it's gone within... minutes. lol!

I've never had a Jaffa before, but it's rare that I don't like something sweet. *g* And Space!cake sounds mighty fine to me, honey.

well, i lurked for ages before i had an lj, but i've been commenting since then.....

any way, hello!

Hi there. I'm glad you stopped lurking. :) (Not because there's anything wrong with lurking.)

hehe. i'm happy i got to stop lurking! lj is great!

This is not the journal I thought it was, LOL. So I'll just say hi because I like yeh *waves* ;D

Edited at 2009-04-29 08:12 pm (UTC)

I like you too, sweetie. And I won't ask what journal you thought this was. *g*

Umm... hi? I try not to lurk but it does sometimes happen. How about that? I'm a wishy-washy lurker! *rolls eyes at self...*

Nah, you're not a lurker. You're holding yourself to much too high a standard if you think you are! But hi anyway. Always happy to see you (and naked!Angel). *g*

Hi lerdo! I've commented a couple of times, but 99.9% of the time I lurk. I came for the fic and stayed because it's such a thoughtful, positive place. I feel completely spoiled by all of the recent entries, especially the fic!


*lurkity lurk lurk lurk*

Hey, Lurky McLurkerson, how's things?! ;)

I just ate half a tub of chocolate so good soy ice cream... that can't be good for me... *sigh*

*steals the rest of the tub from you* :D

I have another tub for Bones tonight *shares*

life's been a little hectic lately so i haven't commented as much but i actually just caught up so yay! congrats on the birth of you baby :) hope motherhood is treating you well.

HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! How are you?

I'm sure this isn't my first time saying hello... but I'm quite certain that I lurk more than I comment.

So... HELLO!

no lurking here, just came to snorggle the baby. :)

no lurker i! and i posted some pics of the nephews with you in mind....so come on over and enjoy the adorable.

So, I am a day late. How goes it chica? We haven't chatted in forever. I hope everything is well. We need to catch up! Less than a year until I am back in the States! WOOT!


Lurker here! I've been stalking your journal for awhile, but not in a creepy way, don't worry. Hee. Can't wait til you start having time to write more fic again!

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