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Hell hath frozen over (or I've finally lost my marbles)
aka I actually liked Sweets in The Salt in the Wounds.  I didn't just tolerate him; I actually liked him.  I thought his scene with Angela in the chiropractor's office was beautiful.  Understated and natural and just perfect.  

*shakes head*

I know.  I can't believe it either.


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Ha ha - I liked him in that one, too. Wait for Mayhem on the/a (still am not sure) Cross. You'll ♥ him in that ;)

So does this mean you are beginning to get caught up?

As of now, I am completely caught up! And you're right -- I did like him in Mayhem. :)

Yay! You're back with us. I bet it was a true hardship mainlining Bones for all that watching!

What did you think of Mayhem? I thought the end was ♥

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