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A bit of Bones squee

My sweet, blue-eyed girl has recently learned to nap. That's allowed me to finish catching up on Bones eps.

And I still love this show.

I'm not blind to what I perceive to be its flaws, but it's like a really good friend -- and it still entertains me, makes me laugh and sigh, and makes me want to write fic.  I don't need more than that from a T V show.

Oh, show.  ♥ 

So tell me, my lovelies, who do you think Gordon Gordon was talking about in Mayhem when he mentioned a sublimated attraction?  Also, what do you think Sweets saw at the end of the ep?  I haven't made up my mind about the former, but with the latter, I think he saw what GG had said -- Booth and Brennan appear to be opposites, but that's only on the surface.  They're far more similar than they appear at first glance.

Have I mentioned that I still adore Booth and Brennan?

Thanks and hugs to everyone, lurkers and non-lurkers alike.  :)

I'm behind on responding to comments (so what else is new?), but my standard disclaimer applies:  I'm trying my best, and if yours has gone unanswered, it's not personal.  If I have issues with you, you'll know; I'm not a fan of passive aggressive behavior.   If you have issues with me, please talk to me about them.  I swear that I'm approachable and (mostly) rational.
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