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The Critic in the Cabernet
B/B Touch - lerdo

My favorite part of this episode?  Booth's forlorn expression as he keeps searching for Brennan as he's being prepped for surgery.  So much said without a single word.  I swear my heart melted into a little puddle of chocolatey goo.  He loves her, the poor guy.

More later.

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Totally a TEAM BOOTH moment! I had some major issues with this ep, but absolutely no criticism about those last scenes. DB did a magnificent job and that prepping montage was very well done. DB's face is just so expressive, we knew exactly what the character was thinking...

You've seen the episode already? Not fair! I don't get to see it until 8:00 p.m. tonight! (It's 9:43 a.m. here, now.) Do I understand correctly that this is the season finale? 'Cause I thought there was going to be more buildup of Brennan saying she wanted you-know-what before Booth decided to help her accomplish it.

Season Finale is next week... but this one leads right up to it. Enjoy!!

Oh, plz don't mention goo. ;)
The lead-in, I'm kinda not sure I'm all on board with, but the end was so AMAZING - I just can't stop watching. Guh.
Is it NEXT Thursday yet????

ITA with all of this *hops about madly*


Can't wait!!

I wasn't go to read any spoilers at all for the rest of the season but I can't seem to help myself. I cannot wait!!

I know!! That moment!! Gosh. He was like a lost little boy. DB's face acted everyone off the screen in that scene LOL! *loves him even more*

Have posted other thoughts at my LJ :)

OMG he broke my heart in that scene. Well, starting with his melt-down in the interogation room actually. That face was just killing me...

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