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Thoughts on The Critic in the Cabernet

Not an exhaustive list, but while the ep is still fresh in my memory, here are some thoughts about The Critic in the Cabernet:

Things Wot I Liked:
  • Sweets' frustration with Brennan's refusal to consider the emotional ramifications of her decision to have a child with Booth.
  • Sweets' obvious fear re: Booth's condition.  JFD played that moment well; I bought that Sweets was NOT an FBI psychologist there, but a friend afraid for a friend.  Though I maintain that Sweets isn't a necessary character on Bones, he often fits there now in a much more natural fashion than he did before.
  • The Squint Squad keeping vigil for Booth in the hospital waiting room.  They are, all of them, his squints.  But it made my heart hurt for Zack; he should have been there too.
  • Cam's trying to be a friend to Booth by talking to him about Brennan's announcement.  They have a romantic history, but I firmly believe their friendship has outlasted that blip in time.  This was a nice nod to their friendship.
  • Brennan's statement that this was not about her.  She wore a brave face for Booth, but that tremor in her voice and that sheen in her eyes showed she was rattled -- in spite of the statistics. 
  • The scared, forlorn expression Booth wore as he searched for Brennan while he was being prepped for surgery.  I think he's loved her for a while now, and it was plain as day in that moment.  Great acting from DB there; he said so much without speaking a single word.  Reminded me of the hand-over-heart scene at the end of Mayhem.  The man can definitely act
  • Angela trying to get Brennan to really think about what she was proposing to do with Booth.  Their friendship is one of my favorite things about this show.
  • The reappearance of Brennan's dancing phalanges.  :)

Things Wot I Didn't Like:
  • Brennan's epiphany re: wanting to have a child.  Sure, it COULD happen that way, but given who she is, I think the story would have been stronger if it hadn't been written as such.  The writers have been hammering at the themes of love and loss, families, what it means to be a mother or father, etc. I strongly believe that people can and do change their minds about "big ticket issues" sometimes.  But couldn't the writers have made a better, more believable case for Brennan's seemingly sudden turnaround?
  • Booth's relatively easy acquiescence to Brennan's sperm donor request.  Being a father is a huge part of Seeley Booth's identity.  I just cannot buy that even his love for Brennan would lead him to say yes so easily and quickly.  He knows that fatherhood isn't as simple as donating your sperm and walking away.  After that beautiful conversation he had with that high school kid in the pregnant teens ep (I can't remember the name of the ep), and after every precious moment we've seen him share with Parker, this was a disappointment.  Sure, he eventually came around to reaiizing that he COULDN'T father a child and not BE A FATHER, but the writers have done such a good job of writing father into his character that I simply cannot accept that he wouldn't have understood that right from the beginning -- regardless of the fact that it was his beloved Brennan making the request for his "stuff."
  • I wish they would have mentioned Parker somewhere in this episode.  It just fits.  Especially when Booth mentioned the possibility of not making it through his surgery.  He would have said something about Parker.  He wouldn't have just told Brennan to use his sperm to become a mother and left it at that.  Maybe that's something we just weren't "shown," but it should have been.
  • Oh, and Stewie was OK.  Not a total disaster. :)

    What say you???

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