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Bones Double Drabble: Fair (#95 in ATLBU)
B/B Partners Gray Distance

Title: Fair
Booth, Brennan, Sweets
K or PG
Mayhem on the Cross
Word Count: 200
Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Story Notes:
This is set during the final scene in Mayhem on the Cross.

Author request:  If there are particular songs that remind you of Booth and Brennan, would you please let me know the artists and song titles?  I did a B/B fanmix in '07, and you can find it here.  I'm not looking to make another fanmix; I'm just curious!  Thank you. :)
Thanks for reading, and if you leave feedback, thanks for that as well.

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A broken dish.  Hot water.  The trunk of a car.  Bones, trapped.  Metaphorical scars.  Two days.  Not fair.

Booth stopped expecting life to be fair so long ago he can’t even pinpoint the moment it happened. 

It’s not fair that the girl locked in the trunk of a car for a teenager’s clumsiness became a woman who nearly died inside a car.  Thinking about it, he wants to hit someone; he’s sure Gordon Gordon would have something to say about that.

There’s no one left to hit.

He doesn’t want to do show and tell.  He doesn’t want to compare war wounds with Sweets.  The kid’s all right, but dinner is all Booth wants to commit to.

It’s not fair that his partner can tilt her head, and then he just wants to give her whatever she wants.  A single look and the words are spilling from his mouth.  Words about the things he never mentions – but that are never far from his mind. 

None of it’s fair, damn it.  But as she tucks his handkerchief back into his pocket, her hand lingers above his heart.  He calls himself seven kinds of a fool… 

It’s not fair, it just is.

A/N:  Feel free to friend me for fic updates. :)

lerdo!fic! Yay!

Lovely. As always. Yes.

As always you say so much in so few words and summarizes the last few scenes in the epi so cleverly and include all the relevant points while adding something new.

One of my professors used to say 'No one said life's fair.' I think that was one of the most useful things I picked up as a student!

Your professor was right; I can see why you think that's one of the most useful things you learned!

Thank you so much for commenting. What makes me happiest is that you felt I added something new.

Yay Lerdo!fic!

This is, as usual, gorgeous.

None of it’s fair, damn it. But as she tucks his handkerchief back into his pocket, her hand lingers above his heart. He calls himself seven kinds of a fool…

It’s not fair, it just is.

What a powerful image, you pull us back into the epi, but make it your own as well. Truly wonderful.

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edit because I fail at html.

But you win at life. *g*

Thank you, bb. You made my day with your generous comments. ♥

Edited at 2009-05-19 10:00 pm (UTC)

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. So cute.

This man must be dying inside, he's SO much in love...

You wrote him it perfectly, loved it. :)

Thank you, as always. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this! :)

This is LOVE. Just complete LOVE.

There’s no one left to hit.

This just feels so Booth :)

Thank you so much, K! ♥ Your comments always brighten my day. I'm happy to know that felt like Booth to you.

Wait...where's the Wednesday smiles post? oh, never mind because here's my smile. You already know it, though. Everytime you write I smile.

A broken dish. Hot water. The trunk of a car. Bones, trapped. Metaphorical scars. Two days. Not fair.

THIS, is heart breaking. I love it.

It’s not fair that the girl locked in the trunk of a car for a teenager’s clumsiness became a woman who nearly died inside a car.

And this, I haven't realized. You are so right! This drabble is fantastic!

You're being way too nice. *hugs* Thank you, sweetie. My smiles post went up late because I was forgetful. Sorry!!!

I'm thrilled you liked the mention of the connection between Brennan's kidnapping and her bad experience with her foster parents. It just kind of jumped out at me. :)

Well, you haven't lost your touch. All of those thoughts must have been going through his mind; the reason why he finally said something rings so true: he did it for her not for Sweets. Finally the not quite shared hanky moment. Oh it's all coming back.

Thank you from also headachey S.

Sorry to hear you also had a headache that day! Headache = pain in the butt. :(

Yes, I'm clearly arguing that Booth's disclosure was made for Brennan's benefit, not Sweets'. The lad may have grown on Booth, but not THAT much.

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read and comment. You are so consistently wonderful about doing that, and I really do appreciate it. ♥

I had to read it twice before it clicked. (It also might have helped if I read the header first.) But it's sad how soon I forget details of the eps these days. *sigh*

Anyway, I loved the way you connected her teenage trapped-in-car experience to Aliens. Makes me wonder if she thought of that while she was there with Hodgins and if she wanted to bring it up but kept quiet to concentrate on keeping alive.


I love him wanting to hit someone, the thoughts that he never speaks that are never far away.

I am really hoping that, once the finale-freak-out (of which I'm certainly a part!) is over that there will be more fic exploration of his thoughts in that moment and later, in the dark, after she's gone when he can't get the images of her in those two cars out of his mind.

Beautiful! ♥

It’s not fair that the girl locked in the trunk of a car for a teenager’s clumsiness became a woman who nearly died inside a car.
This is fantastic, I didn't even make the connection until I read it here! And how heartbreaking that one sentence is.

The whole drabble feels so like Booth, I love it! Great job! ♥ :)

I love the connection between her being locked in the trunk and her being in that car. Great call back there. And poor Booth. He can't refuse her anything and she has no idea.

*g* The man's a goner.

Yeah, I'd say it's significant that she was locked in a car trunk as a teen and then later trapped in a car as an adult. No idea if HH & company thought of that when they wrote Aliens in a Spaceship, though, or if they added that bit of backstory later.

Thanks for commenting, R.!

Lerdofic! Oh, how I've missed you. It's like an old friend you haven't seen in a while but the moment you see each other, it's like they were never gone. So much goodness in so few words.

I love how you connected Booth's empathy and morals to his violent tendencies, as Sweets also once suggested. As if Booth is somehow trying make the world more fair, thinks he can bring that closer just by hitting emough people.

And of course, the Mayhem-Alien link is love.

What you've also captured beautifully, is that Brennan spills her confession for Sweets' benefit, while Booth only does it for her.


I thought this was lovely, hon. The line 'there's no one left to hit' really made me ache for them. Great work.

That was so wonderful! You painted such a beautiful little thought with such few words. Great job! And I never even thought of the comparison between being locked in the car truck as a teen and then after Diggy got her. Way to go!

LMAO @ Diggy. *g* Love the nickname. And yeah, I would think there might be some sort of psychological connection.

♥ Thank you so very much, my dear. Your kind words touch my heart. Flight is on my read list, by the way.