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You Drive Me Crazy - lerdo
For those who watched, what did you think?

I literally have 30 seconds right now, but I'll be back with some thoughts later.  What are yours?  I have a feeling this ep's going to cut a swathe through the fandom.  *g*

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Have posted a long ramble on my LJ page earlier... have a look if you want. I don't usually trust my first instincts, so I 'm happy to stand corrected. :)

I liked it but... it's a tale, a lovely tale, but only that and I expected more for the season finale. Btw I think "The Critic in the Cabernet" would be better season final than this episode.
Anyway I need to see it with subtitles because I didn't understand all dialogues.

I really don't even know. I posted some thoughts in my LJ, but it's like one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. I'm nuttier than a squirrel's cheeks in winter.

Generally, I adored the coupleyness and tongue-in-cheek jokes we got. The end is kind of what has me going 'wtf' now. Partially because I feel like I should have seen it coming and didn't with all the omg!baby, omg!sex talk and was blindsided as a result....

In other news - it was great having you in chat last night! :)

I really don't even know. I posted some thoughts in my LJ, but it's like one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. I'm nuttier than a squirrel's cheeks in winter.

LOL me too... see Liz's comment for mine basically. Minus the chatting *curses time zones again*

This was so not what I was expecting. Not sure yet if I liked it.

I have finally finished my (hours in the writing) post with comments on the thing.

I really enjoyed the AU ep; I like those, and I am looking forward to watching it again with an eye toward detail and toward seeing what insight it provides into what Brennan's thinking. I just wish it had been a last 1/3 of the season ep instead of the finale.

I am not at all in "Dead. To. Me." mode, but neither am I happy. Jury's still out, but they are on warning.

I haven't loved Bones since they came back after the writer's strike in S3. So much fuckery went on then that I lost the love.
I don't hate the show, though. Not even close.
Since then I've accepted this show is my crack (as bad as it is for me at times) and even though HH is basically writing fanfiction for scripts these days it's still a hell a lot better than most of the Bones fics out there (and I say MOST, not all).
So I pretty much just watch for the crack, and the ship, these days. I don't over-think it, and I don't let it get to me. It's just TV after all.
So, all that being said, I liked the ep. It was an enjoyable bit of fluffy fic. :0)


that sums my feelings up pretty well, but in more coherent terms:

i really did like the format, it was clever, and funny, and oh so fabulous. all the lab people were perfectly suited to their jobs, zack was back, which is always a plus,(although angela was far too ditzy) and booth/brennan sexing was amazing.

but i still have a big chunk of me quietly screaming "WHAT THE HELL SHOW!!! REALLY? DID YOU JUST? AND THE ENDING?? ARRRRRGH."

so its a mixed bag all around.

however, mr. nigel murry remains my favorite character on anything ever.

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