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Anyone know where I can find a "What is this fuckery?" icon?  I'd make one, but since time's limited, these days I'd rather write in my free time than open Photoshop.

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I'd make you one if I was at home! Have you tried iconomicon ?? There's all kind of awesome over there, anyhow :)

It's where I got this one, among others *g*

Oooh, good suggestion! I forgot all about iconomicon. Thanks, hon.

You're very welcome. I love that crazy place :)

Ha! I just WONDER what you are gonna use that icon for.;)

I've got this one. Is pretty standard, but...it does the job.

*g* Man, I need to do a rewatch; I'm not sure how I feel about it all.

I like it; mind if I borrow it (with credit, of course)?

*g* Man, I need to do a rewatch; I'm not sure how I feel about it all.

ITA. My head is spinning.

Re-watching with dh tonight.

I have finally finished my (hours in the writing) post with comments on the thing.

I am not at all in "Dead. To. Me." mode, but neither am I happy. Jury's still out, but they are on warning.

Yeees. I think we're all sleepwalking a little bit. Am currently doing some fic-writing therapy.

Feel free to take the icon...I didn't make it, though, so don't bother to credit. It's one of those I picked up from somewhere long, long ago from God knows where. I haven't gotten yelled at for using it yet;)

I kinda wouldn't mind having one either... I could make you one, if you have an idea of a background or something you might like...

Just text is fine. Unless you have a pic that really grabs you. And thank you very much for the offer, Space. :) *smooch*

I think this cap of Ange would probably work well. I'm not home right now or I'd add the text for you this minute. Perhaps when I get home in about a half hour - need something to occupy my mind (which is also why you will be getting that crazy long list of songs at some point today...)

You're right; that cap would be great. *g* Thanks for the offer, my dear. One can never have too many "What is this fuckery?" icons.

And I'm looking forward to that crazy long list!

No, they're waaaay too useful.

Am working on crazy long list now!

Obviously, I have one, but it's definitely Underworld and not Bones, which I suspect is the fandom for which you need an angry icon.

Here's one that I particularly like, it's made by coffee_mill, if you want to snag :)

Oh, and I feel that the expression in this one kind of says that too ;)

(by fromahippie @ juicy_berries)

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