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B&W B/B - lerdo
*waits for the internet to implode*

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Oh, lerdo! My heart is broken and I am dead.

Poor Booth. Poor Brennan.



Am curious to know what it was like to watch this unspoiled.

Hmmmm...*waits patiently-ish for Bones finale to hit west coast - why are we always last for everything?!*

It runs overtime by at least 6 minutes. Adjust your DVR or don't change channels; that's for sure!

I am so glad I was watching. I almost went to the 8th grade play last night, and I set it to record, and I said, "Nope," and stayed home. I would have misseed the last several minutes. I did love it. I did.

I am pissed beyond belief. My tivi cut out right when she said he'd been in a coma so I missed the entire ending. I'll have to DL it tomorrow.

ACK... same here, I'm so freaking annoyed!

LOL. Poor interwebs. :-(

*g* They've taken a lot of hits lately.

You know, weirdly enough, when I looked at the American thread for the ep, it was way in the direction of people loving it. As opposed to us Canuks last night who by half way through were having serious issues with it. Huh. Maybe by this point a lot of people were spoiled by us and prepared for it? Big difference though...

I noticed that. We're a tough crowd. It's true though, we spoiled everyone and they all checked any and all expectations at the door. Wish I had known.

My head imploded.

What happened to my bb Booth?! DO NOT WANT.

I know, it's rather sad, isn't it? :(

The feedback's a lot more positive than last night. Much more than I anticipated.

Mhhm. Nope. Still ambivalent. Apparently, episodes don't get better with age. :)

Right now I'm totally obsessed with how they could have written a much tighter AU story - for example, working on a contrast between being happy in the dream and the reality of Booth waking up in the hospital. Also, I just couldn't care about B/B in this particular scenario very much. They were so far from their "let's sort out the world, one crime at a time" personas that they just didn't seem connected in any way to ...well, who they are (Labsquint made this point yesterday and it kind of stuck with me). They could have chosen some characters that were so much more interesting and relevant to what's going on in the hospital at the same time.

But then I'm so fascinated by the concept of alternate realities, and how they can be used as metaphors, that I am probably looking for the *perfect* story here.

I don't have anything insightful to add here at the moment, so I'll just nod along in agreement with much of what you said. Didn't love or hate the episode, though I'm still working through my feelings on it. Part of that is caused by the fact that both times I watched it, I was IMing with some folks. I'm not used to viewing and chatting at the same time, so I think I was a bit distracted. A third viewing is going see me holed up alone. :)

ETA: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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liked the episode. thought it was cheesy (that's why I liked it)


I can not wait for summer to be over for there to be new Bones and we see how this is resolved. that's just like cruel or something!

You're right, we do have a looooong wait. :(

*iz failure at fandom* Because I loved this like a love-y thing of love...but I went in with zero expectations, and knowing the ending, so I have no idea if that makes a difference. But I am a scifi geek and I love a good AU episode, and I though this was a good AU episode...and again I already knew everything, and had NEVER trusted HH...I imagine it might have felt differently if one had different expectations

You're not a failure; everyone's different. I'm STILL sorting out my feelings regarding this ep. I don't mind the AU aspect of it. I think it was kinda neat/cute, but I'm not sure I felt much of a CONNECTION to the Booth and Brennan in the AU. That doesn't necessarily equal dislike, though. I'm also very curious to see how they handle the "Who are you?" aspect next season. Is it amnesia? Is it something else? Whose head were we in? Booth's? Booth's head and parts of Brennan's book? I can argue it multiple ways, but I think it's a bit confusing.

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OBMO! ;-)

Edited at 2009-05-15 07:43 am (UTC)

What does OBMO stand for? (Sorry, I just can't figure it out.)

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