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B&W B/B - lerdo
*waits for the internet to implode*

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Oh, lerdo! My heart is broken and I am dead.

Poor Booth. Poor Brennan.



Am curious to know what it was like to watch this unspoiled.

Hi there! Hugs to you!

As you know, I steadfastly stayed spoiler-free save for the promos at the end of every ep, so last week was the first I'd seen of B/B in bed. And I knew then that it couldn't/wouldn't be real and my theory was that the ep would be an effect of Booth's anesthesia.

As the ep progressed I was more and more sure of my theory. I love this show and I love its characters so I played along, had fun and after the teaser even yelled out to J, "Don't pay any attention to any sounds coming from this room!" He doesn't watch with me. I yelled and squealed at the tv throughout the AU, it WAS fun and I enjoyed the shout-outs and the roles everyone was playing and seeing B/B actually together as they should be. All the while, my mind on Booth, wondering what was happening, but surely he was fine since this was his brain on drugs. I kept trying to figure out what it all meant and failing. And then, Booth wakes up, doesn't remember Brennan and I died. I'm more upset about the amnesia ploy than I am the AU.

I'm going to re-watch, because I didn't even get that it could be from Brennan's POV until someone pointed that out to me. It just seemed so much like Booth/David B. But I also like someone's idea of it being Booth being influenced by Brennan's reading to him.

Overall, I go from squeeing to angsting very rapidly and then back again.

Just call me a goddamn fangirl, okay? ;oP

I LOVe your fangirling! And hi to you too *hugs you back*

I'm more upset about the amnesia ploy than I am the AU.

Yes me too - and mostly because I am nervous of where they are planning to go from here and into S5. For what it is worth, I am going to try and avoid spoilers this year. It seems to be a far less stressful way of watching!! But we will see how I will cope with that!!

The thing about Brennan informing Booth's dream tickles me. I think it's fab.. I totally believe what we saw was his dream though - everything was SO Booth ;)

You can come sit by me and we'll avoid spoilers together! I just enjoy it more unspoiled.

Yay - it's like a brave new world for me! I am kinda excited!

Yes! Indeed. :) I'm considering going spoiler-free next season. Not that I knew SO many spoilers this time around anyway, but I wonder if just not knowing anything before watching could be more fun...

Hey you can join the pact! That you, me, iam_space, alias_jems & amilyn so far! ;)

*comforts you* I know; it's tragic.

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