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(no subject)
B&W B/B - lerdo
*waits for the internet to implode*

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Unspoiled hubby wasn't so forgiving... he didn't like the AU part. Unspoiled so he wasn't expecting real!sex... and he liked Amnesia!Booth and the impact that this will have re: Brennan accepting her feelings just as Booth has forgotten her.

My dh was the other way around - enjoyed the AU and hated the end! LMAO!

I guess I shouldn't think that is all that weird, being that all of us seem to be having so many differing opinions on it!

I will say that as of his second watch, he is also enjoying the AU much more... seeing the lightside of the characters and such. But he still thinks that the ending was AWESOME and will provide some great stuff for next season... as long as they don't completely brush it all under the rug like they did with last season's finale. Ugh.

*hopes he's right hopes he's right*


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