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(no subject)
B&W B/B - lerdo
*waits for the internet to implode*

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How did you spoil everyone? I wasn't spoiled. Are you talking about people on the Bones, Fox.com site? I'm confused.

We Canadians saw it a day early and the post on 206_bones was read by a lot of other who weren't seeing it until after that. So a lot of the issues that contributed to our shock factor were known by the time they actually watched it themselves.

They have to keep them apart in their real life; at least for a long time.

This is one point I'll never agree with you on. Their maintaining the sexual tension can kill it at the same time as it gets to simply be the same old-same old. Fans are getting tired of the will they/won't they. It's been that long time you talked about; it's been four years. It's time to pony up, Hart...

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