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The End in the Beginning
B/B Mirror Mirror on the Wall - lerdo


I think what I like most/find most amusing about the Bones season finale is that crack is now canon.  And yes, I know some believe it has been for some time. *g*


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*Raises hand* Well I certainly have thought that for a while now...

The ending was definitely DNW, but I looooved the AU-ness of the episode. Getting to see them in a different life was really interesting. It changes the dynamics in a unique way.

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Never thought I'd see it happen...but yeah, that does seem to be the case now doesn't it?


*whistles innocently*

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Surprise!Zach was awesome. They better address the whole Zach scenario next season or I'll be super ticked.


He's appeared once since going to prison and I miss seeing him.

I was surprised at who all was in the episode. I was waiting for Russ to make an appearance but that didn't happen (at least not that I saw)

(Deleted comment)
I'm not too fond of Daisy either.

I think I missed that. Angela's ex? besides Hoggins and the man she got a divorce from, who else was there?

I'm going to have to watch this episode again. there's a lot that I missed.

(Deleted comment)
I totally glazed over that. lol

As for Zach not having shoes, when someone goes to jail if their shoes have strings they take them away for the safety of themselves and others. Don't know why he wouldn't get them back after being released and really don't know why "Bren" would find it amusing.

I don't think it's necessarily that the squints love Booth more than her, maybe in the AU world they do, but I think it's more than she thinks they love him more because she's so analytical in her thinking that she can't see that they do love her. Either way it's still heartbreaking for her to "voice" that.

Bwhahahahahahahaha! For the win!

I was discussing this with TT the other day... Now, I love a healthy dose of crack with my TV. Really, really love it. But somehow it just seems like Bones is too often wide of the mark with its crack and that sucks. Sorry to be all Eeyore-y but I still can't stand this episode. :(

crack lol.

today i just realised i loved the finale and now you made me want a crack addict icon! that sounds so very very wrong! LOL.

My biggest problem with the ending - there already was one tone of crappy Bones amnesia fic out there. Now, there will be five tons.

crack is now canon
And now we need to figure out how to get our next fix. *smirks*

Also, hi :-) I'm a fan of your writing who should have commented in one of earlier "lurker amnesty" posts below, but I delurked just in time for the finale.

see my previous comment for my opinions. *g*

and i totally agree. its like the writers decided to just write a fic!

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