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pardon me
I'm Your Gun - lerdo
I love my iPod, but I feckin hate iTunes. 

*kicks piece of $hit software*

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Uh oh... what happened?

Nothing catastrophic; it just constantly locks up my computer. Not to mention the number of times I've had to restore my iPod (aka delete everything on it) and reload music because of iTunes' asshattery.

Well, that would do it!

I hate all the updates when they try to make iTunes "better". The format of iTunes back in March 08 was awesome lol

*g* Thanks. iTunes is a pain in the butt.

I avoided that whole thang like the plague.. have a regular mp3 player and DL regular mp3s. I dislike anything that makes you bend and do things it's way or the highway *looks distrustful*

And HAI! How are you? *hugs*

The iTunes store drives me crazy. I can only purchase songs from the location that my credit card statements are sent to. That's New Zealand. This means that until I get a credit card from Canada (or the US, or the UK) I can ONLY buy from NZ iTunes. NONE of the songs I want (ie: random little-heard Canadian music of awesomeness) are on the NZ site. SO annoying.

I have a Samsung Juke that only works with Windows Media Player. You want suckage? Try that media player. With iTunes, you can adjust where a song starts and stops, so you can cut off crappy intros or endless applause at the end. With WMP, you can't do that. That bugs the hell out of me.

*shrugs* To each her own. *hugs*

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