No need to be anybody but oneself. (only_more_love) wrote,
No need to be anybody but oneself.


From an interview that lovely setje  posted over at david_b_daily :

(Full interview here)

David Boreanaz: Yeah. Well, I think 'The Wire' was probably the best written series on television in a long time. That would've been another one. I think they shot that in Philly, too.


Yes, D. Bo, The Wire WAS the best show on TV in a long time.  :D  I was thrilled to see him pimping it. 

But it was filmed -- and set -- in Baltimore, not Philly.  

If you haven't watched The Wire, what are you waiting for?  The show's over now, but it is well worth your time, I promise.  Now's the perfect time, what with so many shows on summer hiatus. 


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