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B/B Kiss Wallpaper

After watching Santa in the Slush, I was struck by Booth's post-kiss expressions.  To me, anyway, it looks like he's got it bad and just realized it.  So anyway, I made a simple wallpaper from his perspective.  You can view it by going to and then clicking the image thumbnail.  That should make the 1024 x 768 wallpaper image pop up.  If anyone wants an 800 x 600 version, let me know.

While the final scene of the epi was my fave, and I know I'll wind up making a wp for that one as well, this one wanted to be made yesterday because I was listening to Counting Crows and it hit me.  :)  Thought I'd post a link to it here in order to share it with other B/B lovers.  I'm too lazy to thumbnail it right now; my current header is a cropped and slightly altered version of the wallpaper. 


ETA a link to the YouTube vid for Accidentally in Love
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