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random geekery
I love the semicolon.

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And ; loves you back.

Me too!

Dude! Me too! I stick it into the titles of all my papers. Makes it look fancy.

Hate to break this to you, L, but the semicolon's kind of a slut and is cheating on you with an ellipse. (I know this because the interrobang is their creepy flatmate who videotapes it and publishes it on YouPorn.) I'm sure there are many willing parentheses to give you (((((hugs))))) to get over this shocking and unexpected betrayal though.

I love the semicolon too; I use it in all my best, most extended sentences *g*

But full stops are evol and must be shunned? :P

LOL. Yes, that's right.

I never use punctuation before *doing something in asterisks* just because it looks odd. Trufax.

I'm rather partial to the question mark myself but the semicolon sure makes for good times. ;)

I am semi=colon challenged. Just ask my betas.

I adore the semi-colon; it is one of my favourite punctuation marks. I usually cheat on it, though, with the dash - the semi-colon is "too costly for everyday use."

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