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Bones Ficlet: Time and Time Again (#97 in ATLBU)

Title: Time and Time Again
Characters: Booth, Brennan
K or PG
Word Count: 158
Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Story Notes:
This was written in response to a prompt at the Bones Anonymous Kink Meme. Prompt: Booth/Brennan, hands
Author note:
Only four more of these, including this one. Doesn't mean I'll stop writing drabbles and ficlets -- sometimes I think that's all my baby girl's left me time to write *g* -- but it might be time to stick 'em in a different series. Maybe that's arbitrary; still, 100 seems like a nice round number. :)
Thanks for reading, and if you leave feedback, thanks for that as well.

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Click here to read the rest of this series.


Time and Time Again

For four years he’s watched her hands caress pale shards of bone and reassemble them into people, with a workman’s competence and an artist’s grace.

For four years he’s fit his hand to that spot on her back and wondered what she’d do if he let it slip lower, to the curves he’s noticed since the day she first got on his nerves.

For four years they’ve walked side-by-side, elbows casually brushing.

Two Christmases ago she kissed him underneath a sprig of mistletoe; he’s never looked at gum the same way again.

Tonight, after they’ve fought over the last slice of pizza and they’re sitting beside each other with beer bottles sweating against their palms, he says, “Can I hold your hand?”

She looks at him so long that he feels his cheeks flush and regrets having asked the question—until she leans toward him and laces her fingers through his and says, “No. But I’ll hold yours.”

Tags: all that lies between us, bones, bones: fic, fic

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