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B/B Nastrovje! Animated
Happy Birthday, America.  ♥

It's kind of ironic that I had to turn on BBC World News in order to catch some non-MJ news.  

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I know the feeling . . .

hope your 4th was fab.


i can hear fireworks everywhere!

Happy 4th!

LOL on BBC. MJ has taken over the world at this point and most news (like North Korean rockets) isn't making the front page.

Hope you had a happy 4th and that M was ok with any fireworks noises - I know our dog freaks out over them lol!

Happy July 4th!

BBC World news had non-MJ news??? BBC News 24 is still a virtual shrine to the man ;)

Tee-hee. The television in El Salvador, all the news channels were either: Obama, Michael Jackson, and Honduras. Michael Jackson was on like, 7 News Channels and the rest 1 or 2.

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