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Bones Ficlet: I Will Not Take These Things for Granted (#100 in ATLBU)
B/B Across the Table

Title: I Will Not Take These Things for Granted
Characters: Booth, Brennan
K or PG
Timeline: Future
Word Count: 300
Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Story Notes: The title comes from a gorgeous song by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
Thanks for reading, and if you leave feedback, thanks for that as well.

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I Will Not Take These Things for Granted

Every few months, Booth asks Brennan to marry him. It's almost a joke between them. The first couple times she tells him it's an antiquated ritual that she has no desire to perform; as the years turn like the pages in one of her books, she gives him one of those gentle smiles he thinks she saves just for him and says, "No, thank you."

Ten years later, he still asks.


Booth waits in line at Barnes and Noble. When it's his turn, he steps up to the table and hands her his copy of Blood in the Water, her latest book. She opens the book and stares down at it, pen hovering until Booth waves his hands in front of her face. "Earth to Bones."

With a sigh, she scrawls something in the book and returns it to him. He silently reads the inscription: "Yes."

"Yes, what?" he asks.

She gazes back at him, hands folded on the table. "Yes."

He's not sure he gets it. But there's this feeling growing in his gut, and he's always trusted his gut.... "Wait, you mean 'yes'? As in 'yes yes'?" He knows he sounds like a moron, but he doesn't care.

The smile she sends him borders on shy. "Yes, Booth."

"But why?" he can't resist asking. "I've been asking you for years."

"Because it matters to you -- and you matter to me. Now, I should warn you that I'm only open to a civil ceremony--"

Booth leans across the table and swallows her words with a kiss. "Thank you," he says, after they've separated, looking at the woman who crossed the line into his heart so long ago.

"No," she replies, glancing at their joined hands before looking back at him. "Thank you -- for being my partner in all things."


Author note: I started this series in December 2007; a lot has happened since then. :) It's been fun, and it's given me a place to write -- even through the craziest and busiest moments in my life. To anyone who's read and/or reviewed at any point along the way, you have my eternal thanks. I hope you found some enjoyment in these ficlets, even if not all of them were to your taste.



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very in character - and if Hart Hanson has his way, it'll be 12 more years before we see this!!!

(Hope they're not in walkers!!)


I LOVE it. I love that this is where you're ending it. I love that he still comes to the signings, that he stands in line, that she signs his book.


that he still comes to the signings, that he stands in line, that she signs his book

Yes - this!

*sobs* Can't believe you wrote 100 of these babies - I can assure you every one was to my taste - and it's all over!!!

This was just... the cherry on the top of the icing on top of the most delicious cake. I adored Booth's persistence. He so would still ask her after ten years!

I have loved reading these drabbles. I love you!

This is so sweet!! I enjoyed every single word.

re: I hope you found some enjoyment in these ficlets, even if not all of them were to your taste.

One may like ones more than others, but I can assure you that your fics are ALWAYS very in character, so *them*. You have this gift. :)

I can't believe there are 100 of them. Thanks for sharing.

lerdo!fic! I really and truly love this, as I do all of your words. Congratulations on ending it so well. Thank you for writing all of them.

First, congrats on your 100th. And second, thank you for doing it in such a beautiful way.

That was so sweet and wonderful! I often imagine this very scene. Loved it!

Wow, you've gotten to 100 already?

I kinda knew this day would eventually come, and as expected it's bittersweet.

This is just lovely, my friend. As always you manage to capture the essence of Booth and Brennan and their relationship into a ficlet. Managing to put a feel to your writing in 300 words or less, every single time.

Congrats on #100 of these little ficlet puppies, and I look forward to what you decide to share with us, next! :)

You know *points* that's kinda my story... *grins* Which means this will probably rank up there as one of my favorite stories of yours...

I've only recently found your work, and it's a shame that I wasn't there from the beginning. I greatly enjoyed every single one.

What a beautiful final ficlet. She doesn't believe but she does it for him.

What an accomplishment! I'm not sure if I've read *all* of these, but kudos to you for reaching your goal with some lovely fic :]

*points to icon*

Brennan cheers for you ;]

Awwwww so heartwarmingly beautiful. &hearts

This was beautiful. I want to thank you for all the lovely drabbles you’ve written. I have had the pleasure of reading each and every one of them (congrats on reaching 100 btw), but this is my first time commenting, as I’ve only recently joined lj.

Anyway, I thought you should know that I think you are a fantastic writer, one who gave me a whole new respect for this type of writing. Once again, thank you for sharing your work. I really enjoyed it :)

SO beautiful. The fact that he still comes to the book signings, that he still asks her even though he knows she'll say no. And the end when they're just there holding each others hands is ♥.

"Thank you -- for being my partner in all things."

That line is a wonderful end to this series.

The end? These were worth every step of the journey and what a fitting conclusion to the series this ficlet was. I have admired them all immensely.
Thank you for writing them all as freshly as in the beginning.

This (as always with your fics) is beautiful, L. Absolutely beautiful and so very in character.

Thanks so much for sharing this series with us.

omg i love it. they totally would, i i really loved the concept!!

A gorgeous ending to this awe-inspiring project, hon.
You introduced me to drabbles - along with many others, I'm sure - and while I wasn't too sure about them at first (always wanting MORE!), I've always had the utmost respect and admiration for how well you "spun the tale" in so few words and with such impact.
I can't believe it was that long ago that you started these - I'm glad you had this creative outlet and that you chose to share them with us along the way. :D
*much loves*

Well and well again. I have put off reviewing since I am late to this series, until I read all 100. Magnificent! Such insight into our favorite sortof couple. Well worth the 2 days I spent all my free time reading.


I love your characters, they are so much like Booth and Bones. This was so sweet how even after ten years Booth would still propose to Bones. I LOVE IT.

SQUEAL!!!!! Most awesome!!!!!!!!!!

*loves this*

wow. i just finished reading the ATLBU series and just... WOW. i'm whole-heartdly in love with each and every one of them, and am very excited to know there's more from you for me to read now!

Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoyed All That Lies Between Us. I loved writing it, and I love knowing that you got something out of it, too. :) Thanks for taking the time to let me know that; I truly appreciate it.

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