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admin stuff
Fail Doughboy
Hi, anybody who reads this.  :)  I am waaaay behind on friend requests, responding to comments, reading, writing, and commenting on fic, etc.  I will never be caught up, as LiveJournal waits for no one. *g*  But I will be trying to get a bit more up to speed.  So if you suddenly get a reply to a comment you left a long time ago, that's why.  And I feel compelled to repost my standard disclaimer:  if I haven't responded to you, it's not because I'm deliberately ignoring you.  I would hate for anyone to think that.  I just have my hands full with a baby, and I pop in and out of here when I can because I love it.

If there's anything urgent that I haven't responded to, please feel free to ping me again.  Also, if you're new to my f-list or are otherwise interested in my baby-related posts, here's a post regarding my baby filter. 

I'm sure I've missed a ton of fic or important offline-life posts; would you mind linking me to yours if you have a sec?



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I feel you girl! Its the same way for me. I feel like such a bum sometimes, not getting to reviews and comments until FOREVER later. But kids take up so much of our time, and I am so blessed that so many of my flist are moms too, so we all understand one another. How is your little beauty? We need more pics!

that was supposed to be a comment, not a reply. Duh! I think I need to go to bed now...

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