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Get. In. My. Belly.
Funky Chicken
Offline life = epic!fail right now.  Ok, so not fail, but at least suck, and we're all going to die sooner or later and we don't know which it'll be...  And so even if I only have time to eke out one sentence a day, I should write.  Only problem is that I don't know where to start.  Beginning again is hard.  Which brings me to this:  do you have any prompts for me?  Any kind of prompt.  No guarantees on what I'll write, but thanks in advance if you do leave prompts.

And a poll!  (Taking a cue from bertie, I can haz poll.)  

All the fics mentioned below can be accessed through my fic index.

Poll #1433081 omgwtfbbq

Which of the following fics should I work on next? [Aka damn, I have a lot of unfinished stories. :( ]

Always On Your Side
Between the Lines
Christmas Magic
Come Undone
Truth Serum
What Would Happen If We Kissed?
Write smut.
Out with the old, in with the new. (Start a new story.)
Write an AU B/B fic.
Write in a different fandom. (Leave the fandom name in a comment.)
Stop writing. You suck.

OK, so apparently I also fail at making polls, and I can't go back and edit. "None of the above" is an option, too. I guess you can leave it as a comment if that's your chosen response.  Feel free to clarify any response in a comment.

Thanks for humoring me.

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Write me SPN fic, dammit!

Or don't. Whatever. Just start watching s3. :P Yay that you're getting back into writing and I will happily read whatever you write. :D

(I will post pictures from my visit soon. They're all of your baby and that ridiculous giraffe rainbow thing...)

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