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(no subject)
There are times when I still feel like I just don't know what the hell I'm doing as a parent.

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I think if you ask around, most parents feel that way.

You're tired, you're stressed, you're experiencing things you've never had to handle before.

But you are an amazingly intelligent and caring woman. Remember that, and know you're doing fine.

From what I understand, that feeling doesn't go away, even when they are 67.

She's fed, she's clothed, she's clean, she's loved, she's wanted. So many aren't.

You're doing fine. Hugs to you.

Hell, my oldest is 14 and I STILL feel that way. Especially with the oldest -- every new stage is... well... new. So you are in good company. The first child is always a trial and error proposition. Trust me, by the time you get to the 2nd child, you're MUCH more confident in what the heck you are doing!

don't think i can say it any better than these other Mom's. *hugs*
and if you ever wanna chat about Mom'ly things, you know where to find me (us)! :)

Amen! Just ask away; we're here to share.

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Join the club, hon. Join the club. *hugs*

Misha gets to lie there and stare at a giraffe which has a rainbow coming out of its head. I'm sure you're doing pretty well really. :)

I've been a parent for 30 years and I still don't know!! ::hugs::

[Pours a tall glass of spiced lemon water and lemon cookies.] Welcome to the club, my dear. :-)

And, by the way: you are doing superfine!!

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Pretty much everyone already said exactly what I was thinking. We're all lost! :) We're all muddling our way through. As long as your daughter knows that you love her and are did the best you can (she is a bit young for this still, but you know what I mean) then you have done everything right. *hugs*

Still, wouldn't it be great if they came with an instruction manual? ;)

There are times when I still feel like I just don't know what the hell I'm doing as a parent.

Don't we all, hon. Don't we all. I feel it everyday.

I have to echo what dabhug said above: "She's fed, she's clothed, she's clean, she's loved, she's wanted. So many aren't. You're doing fine."

*hugs you*

Hmm, and poor Misha is all of what - 6 months? When she is 22, if you are not still asking yourself this question, I will be shocked.

We are all the best parents we can be, and our kids, amazingly, love and survive us the best way they can. You are a strong, clever, loving, thoughtful person in a solid partnership. You are a good parent even on your worst days. If we all knew what we were doing every minute of the day, our kids would grow up robots.

hugs and Arrowroot biscuits

That, my dear, is precisely what makes you a GOOD parent. The capacity to feel and wonder whether you are doing it right. We all wonder this all the time. It's very normal, and like I say, a very good sign that you do infact know what you are doing ;)

Chin up *g*

Ditto with what everyone else has said!

The fact that you even worry about it is proof that you are a wonderful mother. We all have those moments though. It makes us caring, empathetic human beings. We love you dear! *hugs*

but thats the beauty of parenthood. you do what you can, and what you think is right, because your instincts are your best guide. also, you shall overcome. =) <3

While I'm not a parent, I am sure that they all feel this way at some point. Such a caring, intelligent, passionate woman such as yourself is surely doing a great job :) Like several others have said, your M is fed, clothed, has a roof over her head, and is loved and wanted - and that is really what counts the most. The rest will come. Just keep hanging in there, and if you ever need the viewpoint of a "kid", I'm always available to talk. *hugs* ♥

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