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The West Wing
My husband and I have started watching The West Wing, and we're hooked.  Anybody have some fic recs?  Witchy?  *bats eyelashes*

Why am I still awake?  I am going to regret this tomororrow morning.  *leaps into bed* 

Good night, all.

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I'm so glad you are watching!

Love love love that show.

There's a couple fics I could rec but it depends on how far into the show yall are as to if they'd make any sense to you yet.

I've been watching The West Wing for almost 3 weeks. I am on the last episode though. It was a good ride though. I am in love with this show though. Beautiful writing and acting. I can't recommend anything though. Shipping is kind of difficult with such a wide ensemble but Imainly ship Josh/Donna.

Yay for new West Wing fans! The quality of fic in TWW fandom is very high so you're in for a good experience :-)

Anything by Ryo Sen and Jo March will be worth your time: their stand-alones are amazing and their series even better :-) Their fanfic archive is here: http://fwf.healthyinterest.net/

For a primer in grade-A fic (in any fandom, but particularly Sorkinverse), definitely check out Nestra and Shrift's fic recs at Polyamorous Recommendations: http://bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/recs/index.html

Have fun! :-)

Yes, the fics by RyoSen and Jo March are awesome!!!

omgggg i just got into this fandom! :D it is so damn awesome, i love the show and the way it's done.

i will be keeping an eye on this post for fic recs mind you :P

also i don't know how far into the series you are but if you're up to s4, then you can read this series: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/997502/1/The_Rarest_Faith_I_Spirits_of_Great_Events

It's the first in a series of 6 stories depicting 2006-2011.

I loved this show and watched it religiously when it was on. Very few scriptwriters can write like Aaron Sorkin. It's intelligent and witty and snappy and lightning fast. It's not a show that you can watch and not pay attention or you'll miss everything. I miss that kind of writing... Hart could only wish to write something like that.

No fic recs though because I've never gotten into the fanfic from that fandom. Sorry...

Exactly what I would have said! Good thing there are eloquent people around when delightful colds stop you from stringing words together in a clever way :)

Aww... sorry you're feeling poorly. Summer colds are just all kinds of wrong...

Gen? Het? Pairing?

I'd have to go back and dig a bit, but there are some awesome in cannon and also AU fics I've got secreted away somewhere to recommend. It's been a while, but I think I have some recs saved over at The Pit... Just let me know your tastes and I'll do some digging.

Okay, here are a couple:

kHo's West Wing fanfic was the first thing I read in this fandom. She does gen, het and slash and they are clearly marked. Excellent writing (and you know I don't say that lightly).

Jennifer Wilson's fanfic is Josh/Donna oriented and some of it is AU, but they are amazing AU's and well-written. I knew her over on the old WW TWOP boards. Great author.

outtabreath's fics are great, too! Another old TWOP'er with some great Josh/Donna works.

I have a bunch of other recs here at The Pit.

If you want Josh/Donna ship I can help you out with fic recs ;-)

I read some stuff over at the National Library but most of it didn't really appeal to me.
I really liked Ygrawn's stuff (found her thru her DC stuff) http://ygrawn.livejournal.com/15915.html

The NL: http://national-library.net/

You MUST check out caz963's fic recs here.

Seriously. All of the best stuff is here.

The only exception is The Joshua Monologues, which I love but some people don't. You can find them here.

Late to the party but seconding this. Caz has the best Josh/Donna recs.

I luuuuurrrrrv The West Wing. I got the fancy-pants complete series dvd set. No specific fic recs, although www.westwingstories.com is a good source.

I LOVE WESTWING. thats all i have to say! =)

It's a show I have watched but never really watched. I dunno why because I've always enjoyed it.

Ooh dh and I want to watch this too. Glad you guys like. Seeing as you recced The Wire and we adored that, seems like we'd like this too!

_missmargaret_ loves TWW as far as I remember so might be a source of fic recs...

ETA: and I think lizook12 too.

Edited at 2009-07-27 07:09 pm (UTC)

The West Wing really is one of those amazing shows that can make you laugh and cry in the span of minutes. And it just makes you think. One of the best authors I've read is Sally, her stuff is here: http://uk.geocities.com/mystories_uk/wwindex.html

She pretty much wrote just Josh/Donna, but her stories are just fantastic. Lots of great plot, very long, and very true to the characters.

Hi. :) I'm kind of de-lurking here. I first start reading your B/B fic after I was introduced to the Bones fandom almost 2 years ago. I'm quite convinced that no one writes B/B better than you do.

I am also a huge, huge fan of TWW and Josh/Donna. I want to second the recommendation to check out caz963's fic and fic recs. Almost everything she writes and recommends is top notch. I'm also a huge fan of akalettucehead. She hasn't written anything in three years, but she has some great stuff.

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