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From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 08:13:57: How do you spell jerk? H.U.S.B.A.N.D.
  • 13:02:24: @Labsquint He decided 2:30 am was the best time to pick a fight w/me, ruining what precious little sleep I could get the rest of the night.
  • 13:03:17: @greyskygirl Ha! I hear that! How're you doing, honey?
  • 13:04:12: @lizook12 I fear it wouldn't do any good, but I love ya for offering.
  • 13:05:29: @temper_temper :/ Pls see my reply to LSQ. They are such thoughtful creatures. /sarcasm
  • 13:09:14: @sweetjamielee Hell no, you're not the only one. Considering the current state of sleep here, he SHOULD beg for forgiveness.Ha! Fat chance.
  • 13:09:45: @spacekid77 Yes. Thank you.
  • 13:10:51: @neuralcluster Then I feel for you, too, Lev. Thanks for the sympathy.
  • 13:40:18: @Labsquint B/c it adds to the drama of already melodramatic statements about how I'm keeping M.from his parents. *insert massive eye-roll*
  • 13:41:44: @lizook12 It'll come back. If not, you'll find an even better opener. Hang tight, hon.
  • 14:56:52: @Labsquint Ha! No, I'm not. But like you, maybe I should. *g*
  • 19:37:56: @SofiFagnilli Good luck making your decision!

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Just catching up with this now as not been on twitter properly since then.. bloody men!

And LOL at keeping M from his parents, we used to have that argument in reverse.

Little things seem so big when no-one's had any sleep and it's your child you're talking about.

*hugs hugs hugs*

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