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From Twitter 08-08-2009

  • 00:39:30: Fuck my life.Head is hurting so bad I am nauseous and can't sleep. Ibuprofen isn't doing anything. Just want to lie here and cry.
  • 12:40:13: @Labsquint *groans* I know. :( After 600 mg of Ibuprofen, I eventually fell asleep -- 3 hrs after I went to bed. Thanks for the sympathy!
  • 12:41:45: @leah33 Thanks, Leah. My DH was watching M. last night, & I was (trying) to sleep in another room. Would have been great w/out the headache!
  • 12:42:46: @neuralcluster Thanks, Lev. I didn't have any Excedrin around, & it was the middle of the night. But 600 mg of Ibuprofen eventually helped.
  • 13:09:08: @lizook12 Thanks, for the hugs. I tweeted from my phone & then gave up because that little light was killing me. Think it was a migraine.
  • 13:10:10: @lizook12 Prompt? Where? *is intrigued*
  • 14:03:49: @Forareason83 Everything OK???

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