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I don't know who nominated Impossible Things in two categories of the Fringe Awards, but thank you very much. I was both touched and completely taken aback.


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Since I had no clue there were Fringe Awards, it wasn't me. But you deserve it! That fic is fantastic. Congratulations!

*smooch* Thank you, Doc. :) I am waaaaay behind on Fringe. I think I only saw a handful of eps -- maybe 5 or 6? Possibly less. Must get caught up before next season.

congratulations for your nomination! it always feels good when someone likes your work that much.

:) Thank you very much. Yes, it was a very nice feeling. ♥

Wheee! That's FAB! (and it wasn't me.. though if I'd had any idea they exist, I would have done ;)

*smishes you* You are lovely, my lovely. ♥

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