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From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 08:09:35: @bertie_456 Haven't tried any, but pretty sure they exist. Try searching Sephora.com, sweets. Let me know if u don't have any luck.
  • 09:29:00: @sweetjamielee Apparently the person can't read.
  • 10:22:21: Sometimes I miss my freedom, but I also have to say that there's nothing quite like the warm weight of a baby in my arms. <3
  • 10:35:41: @spacekid77 Glad to hear it! Makes the less fun stuff bearable. :) How are your munchkins? Pic post in your future, perhaps???
  • 11:03:24: @sweetjamielee Have to tell you that the octopus, squid, or whatever the heck it is in the KITB banner cracked my shit up. :D
  • 11:44:05: @mediadivadesign Re: the Medicare comment, the irony, it burns. Think, people!
  • 12:39:41: @sweetjamielee I wouldn't go that far. *g* It's existed in other fandoms for a while, though I admit I haven't read any of it!
  • 12:58:57: @sweetjamielee I probably should! I'm curious about its lure. Is it a non-con thing? Is it an alien species kink? Don't know, sadly...
  • 13:25:31: @sweetjamielee Had heard of sex on a stick, but in a can??? *g* *faints*
  • 13:32:44: @sweetjamielee Not to step on anyone's kinks, but I see why. Thanks for sharing, I mean, educating.A tentacle's a terrible thing to waste!
  • 14:29:40: @temper_temper You must be delirious. Sorry about your nephew, btw. Poor wee babe. :( Hope they get to the bottom of his seizures soon.
  • 14:43:17: @Labsquint I think Lev's talking about Sony Vegas, a vid editing program.

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