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I'm not sure, but I think might be bored of Bones. WTF, self? *looks for thermometer*

Hope this is temporary.

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It might just be the summer hiatus. Plus, a lot people are still talking about the finale. I'm sure it'll be fine. LOL.

Thanks for the support. *g* I think it was the constant sleep deprivation.

Gaaaaah! Probably withdrawal symptoms. Or more important things in your life. Or hormones. Hang in there. One month to Season 5

*slides in smoothly with relevant icon*
Well, hello.

i agree with these other guys - hope it comes back for ya when the new season starts, hon. :)

It will come back. It's like a marriage: you LOVE Bones, but it does sometimes piss you off or bore you. So "couch" it for a while, work on something else. It will come back.

*points up*


It happens to me every season and then I fall back in love with it over the season, get excited for the premiere, stop watching about 5 episodes in, watch the finale, then fall back in love with it over the summer.

It's a dysfunctional relationship. I do it with Burn Notice, too.

Summer + poor 4th season = little bit bored. I feel that way too, but I keep being excited about next season. I have the hope it'll improve.

HH played with us last season, and I don't mean the finale, he only gave us more of the same thing: you cannot get the UST to the edge, and then the next week start like never happened. I think he keeps pulling the elastic and one day it's hitting him big time. IMO, if you don't plan to develop a subject, then, don't write it, let's see: Zack, B&B's UST, Michelle, Brennan's sudden interest of motherhood...

And I am one of the people that liked S4 finale, if not for the lie that HH told us, I found it as an enjoyable AU episode.

I love Bones, but please, give us something more intelligent than S4.

Or I will switch to Castle instead. OMFG askjfkasdlhgsae... YES.

It took me a little while but now I find that I love the AU stuff. Everyone who doesn't should rewatch it.

Well, the finale didn't leave me excited either, so I kind of understand. Previous summer hiatuses (hiati?) have left me anxious and/or nervous for the next season. This one - not so much. Chalk it up to the colossal let down of the AU finale plus the backpedaling by HH - that took the wind out of a lot of sails. On the bright side, maybe the brain tumor was the reason for Goof!Booth, and we'll be back to the Booth we love this fall. I'm sure you'll be back to fangirl squeeing in September. One shirtless Booth scene and you'll be cured :)

Don't worry Hun! I actually completely understand. Hiatus+RL+new baby = boredom! *yawn* I think that, for a lot fo us, if we don't stay "in the zone" all of the time, then we kind of slide off the interest scale. I get that way. Sometimes I even think about giving it up all together (Shhh...don't tell anyone!) because I worry that life is passing me by while I'm living in my head. I agree that S5 will bring it back full force, but for now...I say enjoy the freedom!

But we miss you... =)

These two keep me here, cracky finale or not.

What she said.

I do understand, though. In my Summer of Bones Rewatch, there were a couple of places I felt a lag, a bit of boredom. Middle of S2, after Epps died, Sully... bored. End of S3 after the Writer's Strike hiatus... bored. S4.... bored. There are some nice moments in S4, but they are so few and far between and the choppy up-and-down of B/B's relationship just gets to me. But, I am excited by the new promo material (save that awful PS'ed group shot) and I'm looking forward to S5, unspoiled.

So, I understand and we'll be back in September. You can use those SPN boys to light a little spark, I guess. I'm going to be getting back to watching TWW for the first time, soon, too.

I think it's the hiatus blues. Hopefully the new season will be a cure.

*points at icon* Don't worry. I mean, how could you resist that?

Just take a little (little, lol) break and don't do anything Bonesy for a bit. You'll come around ;)

I'm sure the new season will remind you of why you love Bones. You and me both. :)

I suspect this has more to do with your current level of exhaustion and the current hiatus period than anything else. I'd be willing to bet that once the season starts up again, you'll find the Bones love is there. Give yourself a break and don't sweat it. I'm sure it's going to come back full force once we get new content...