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DH's been home from work for a "staycation" since yesterday, so I may be scarce 'round here as a result.  It's great having more family time.  I'm missing things, though.

1. Happy Belated Anniversary to tempertemper77 & her husband! :)

2. Happy Belated Birthday tobinkii822  & buffyangellvr23 !  

3. Thanks for all the book recs; I've replied to some of the comments, but I've got a bunch left to hit.  Feel free to add more titles if you're inspired.  That just means I'll have more to look forward to as I finish books!

4. I'm going to watch the first episode of Gilmore Girls tomorrow.  I know the show's over, but I've been hearing such wonderful things about it for years.

Talk to you all soon.  Be good to one another.  *hugs*
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