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14 Days Till Bones
Booth Dancing @ Funeral

From one of my favorite Bones eps, Judas on a Pole.  Ryan O'Neal might have hit on his daughter at his love's funeral, but he is Max Keenan -- and I love me some Max and Brennan.  Look at poor Brennan's face.  *smishes her*
14 days till Bones is back, friends!

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Hit on his daughter? Oh, Ryan, Ryan.

And...Max...oh, Max...SO frustrating.

Poor Brennan.

Hit on his daughter?

Sounds nutty, doesn't it?

See here.

Wow. That is sad and scary. No wonder he's so good as Max. I mean, I knew he was...odd and irresponsible, but he's just, as he said, a jerk. I can't imagine trying to spend time with someone like that...well...actually, I CAN imagine it and have done it when forced but I can't imagine why anyone would AGREE to regularly.

I hope he's polite on set during the weeks of his episodes.

I had heard about that, but didn't get the details. That poor family. But, we all know that we can't choose our blood families and we have to take the cards we are dealt.

I love O'Neal as Max and as the person below said, I do hope he's not a jerk on set.

I hope we see more of Max in S5.

Woops. That was me. Sorry!

I feel something in me, bubbling up inside. No, it's not the Chinese I just ate for dinner - it's the hysterical laughter that wants to come out every time I think about BONES and TWO WEEKS and HART HANSEN BETTER WATCH HIS ASS...sorry, a little off-track there.

It's all I can do to concentrate at work. I just really really hope they treat the series with more care than they did last year.


P.S. Ryan? Tatum? Yeah - THAT'S a bit bizarr-o...


I remember watching Judas for the first time and exclaiming "HOMG, that's her dad?!!?!?!!!!!" Max's line "When you find someone you can trust, you hang on to him" makes me wanna cry, squee and write websites full of fic.He's hurt her so much, but he's really trying to make it better. (Unfortunately, from what I hear, in real life, Ryan is a little bit stuck on the second step. :-( )

(Slightly aside: I love the way Brennan's voice gets in Killer in the Concrete when she goes "I made up the guest room for you" and then that little cheek kiss. )

I'm so excited!! Did you see Emily on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?

Eeeeee! I can NOT wait! *Bounces up and down*

This year my excitement goes to both Bones and Castle (it just happened, ok? XD), but yes, I can't see the moment. Yay!!

Can't wait for Bones...:)))

Wow. Well, having read the article, am slightly relieved to find that he didn't know it was her when he did it!! That family seem the perfect example of how Hollywood and fame can screw you up. I feel for all of them.

But yes, I ADORE Max and that episode. New Bones!! Can't wait! And providing they don't shift the air date of the premiere I shall be DLing it and taking it to London with me to meet up with bertie456 and alias_jems to watch it together! Could that BE any more cool??!


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