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spam friday randomness
Hodgins - King of the Funeral
I feel like using bullets:
  • I wonder if there is a more efficient and logical way to organize my fic index.  I fear it's a bit unwieldy at the moment.  *scratches head*

  • Daugter gets her six-month shots this afternoon. :(  This is not a good thing.  Apart from the pain at the actual moment when the shots are administered, one of her thighs always swells up, and she is noticeably in pain and unhappy the rest of the night.  Poor thing always has trouble sleeping afterward, too.  I wonder if we'll have to stick her in the swing again...

  • Summer's over; Labor Day's on Monday. :(

  • I have watched the first four eps of The Gilmore Girls.  It's stolen my heart!

  • DH might be sick. This is not good.

  • DH was out of town Mon-Thurs. I'd love a really quiet wkend; this is not in the cards. Family coming into town...

  • Why do I always feel like I'm starting again over and over, when it comes to writing?  *sigh*

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Hugs to you.

I must say I'm happy to see you so much on my FL.

Thank you, D. *hugs you back*

I must say I'm happy to see you so much on my FL.

LMAO I know, I'm spamming the heck out of LJ today. *g*

Busy, busy mommy. :)
Re: shots - has the doctor told you to give infant's motrin before you go in? This way the meds are already in her system and starting to work when the shots are given... and then you can start in on the rotation of Tylenol/Motrin every 2 hours after that as she needs it. It's worked well for mine. Annie used to get knots at the injection site and a bit of swelling; luckily, Cole has not had too much problem, just small knots and he keeps on going. I remember both of mine though when they were that young sleeping pretty well for a few hours after the shots but then not so well later that night.
Good luck, hon! :)

That's what we did too.

*hugs you*

for sick baby girl, absent/sick husband, a busy weekend and feeling like you're stuck on writing (I know the feeling)

but yay for fall, which has its own charms, yay for having family even when they're a pain in the **** and yay for falling in love with Gilmore Girls: minimal plot and just the enchanted relationship between those two girls, talking a mile minute and being so ridiculously in tune with one another and mutually respectful. How I miss them.

As for the fic list: depending on what you want it to do and how much time you can (I'm not going to say: are willing to ;-p) invest, you could consider using cuts to have a shorter list (with categories like "All That Lies Between Us" and "Into The Fire") from which you can click to expand.
A little bit more effort but a lot more bang for your buck is tagging the stories in a delicious account. It works extremely well for the kink community - solves the unwieldy problem like a charm and is highly searchable because you can combine several tags to narrow your search.

Stay well dear! Enjoy the heck out of all the good moments to keep you going through the not-so-great moments. :)

Have you tried delicious.com for your fic archiving needs? LJ isn't very flexible in terms of how much behind-the-scenes coding it lets you do on entries or I would be happy to work my magic!

I remember when my brother was a baby, he had such fat thighs that the doctor couldn't use the "baby" needles and had to break out the adult ones. Ouch. This is not relevant to your story. :) Good luck to M!

Your fic list looks pretty ordered to me. Mine was hopeless until Lucy - a.k.a. zerodetorres, wrote me some incredible html code for it. Go look, it's amazing - she built in a quick navigation thingy at the top and everything! She is a computer programmer in the making so she has mad skillz ;) We did have problems with it though - so maybe easier to use an outside archiver. Bert uses one for the comment fic memes.

Ah, shots - I hated getting my kids done. Actually Joe needs his measles booster and I am making dh take him. So much worse when they get bigger and know what is going on! It is miserable when their legs swell up though, isn't it? I remember Sophie having that happen once.

Summer is definitely over. I love Autumn, but the chilly mornings have taken me by surprise at the school this week.

Oh, poor DH! Hope he feels better soon. And nothing worse than family coming to stay when you want a quiet weekend. We had that last week and dh had to start new job straight after!

I so know where you are coming from on the writing - me too!

ETA: Sorry for all the edits. I fail.

Edited at 2009-09-04 04:05 pm (UTC)

I feel your pain at the family coming to town. My parents just left today after a whirlwind (unexpected) visit. I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend.

I share the pain that summer is over too. :( I am thinking a late holiday to find some sunshine somewhere might be a plan for this year.

Hope your little lady is okay and that your dh feels better soon. *hugs*

Your index is relatively organized. It just lacks some in the way of continual flow of organization. Idk, you just have so many fics, lol.

Poor Misha :(

Yay for Gilmore Girls! ^_^

I hope M.'s ok. Poor thing.

I knew GG would steal your heart, they're adorable. And they have this geekiness bit that you only can love.

Your wkend may not be quiet, but I hope you enjoy it whatever it turns to be.

*hug* because such is the nature of writing my dear. and it sucks a little. but you can look at it this way, its good that you keep starting again, even if it feels hard, it means you keep trying!

and i'm sorry about the bad reactions to shots. that can be really difficult.

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