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spam friday randomness

I feel like using bullets:
  • I wonder if there is a more efficient and logical way to organize my fic index.  I fear it's a bit unwieldy at the moment.  *scratches head*

  • Daugter gets her six-month shots this afternoon. :(  This is not a good thing.  Apart from the pain at the actual moment when the shots are administered, one of her thighs always swells up, and she is noticeably in pain and unhappy the rest of the night.  Poor thing always has trouble sleeping afterward, too.  I wonder if we'll have to stick her in the swing again...

  • Summer's over; Labor Day's on Monday. :(

  • I have watched the first four eps of The Gilmore Girls.  It's stolen my heart!

  • DH might be sick. This is not good.

  • DH was out of town Mon-Thurs. I'd love a really quiet wkend; this is not in the cards. Family coming into town...

  • Why do I always feel like I'm starting again over and over, when it comes to writing?  *sigh*


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