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To Fringe or not to Fringe?
Trusty LJ-ers, I come to you with a very important question:  Should I try to catch up on Fringe or not?  It will take me some time to do so, and I'm curious whether you think it's worth it or not.  I think I saw the first seven eps before I fell behind.

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Well, I finished the season and am going to catch the next few eps before deciding what to do.

I was watching at the end there purely for Walter and Peter and I have to say, the way they left the ending was so very interesting and *gasp* with those two. I think the show is all about them, after all.

I know that wasn't helpful. :o)

I'll watch this thread with interest as I am in exactly the same boat!

Ditto! I don't have too many shows this season, but when I jump into a show, I jump 100% in.

And JJ Abrams is pretty awesome.

I love Fringe. Walter is the best. You should definitely watch!

I think you should. I don't know if FOX streams online to watch the new episodes while catching up on season 1

I'm dreadfully behind on ALL my tv shows - especially ones I've started watching that have 2+seasons before them.

I think I left off at episode 4 or 5 of Fringe but I'm going to stick with it because it started on my birthday last year and I kind of feel obligated lol plus, Josh Jackson is such nice eye candy

I really like Fringe. The leading lady is a strong character (as normal for JJ Abrams) and there is a sort of UST thing between her and Joshua Jackson - but the best character for me is Walter, JJ father! He is crack!tastic and very fun. :)

I'd describe the show as a cross between X files and Alias - X Files is the most similar but instead of the outer space stuff it is all fringe science.

The weekly stories are always strange and yet fascinating. I guess because I studied science I enjoy it more than a non sciency person might - but I think it's a great show for all. :)

Let us know if you watch. It would be great for Thursday TV now it's paired with Bones if you watched both right.? :)

Definitely. It's worth the time.

I liked Fringe, but for me it's parts were better than it's whole. I didn't finish S1, and I just don't feel compelled to do so before S2 begins. I may go back one day, but for now I watch plenty already, lol.

You should watch Castle. Much more fun, and there's Nathan Fillion *drools* ;)

I really liked it. At first it was a bit nothing-interesting-is-happening, but then, suddenly it became more interesting, and the relationship Walter-Peter and Olivia-Peter is something I adore.

A bit dense, though, but I totally liked it. Definitely Fringe is one of the shows I'm following next season.

I haven't read the other comments, maybe they already convinced you before you read this. :)

Now, really. Do you even have to ask?

Of course you should catch up!

Actually, I never watched the season finale, so hubby and I plan to watch it this weekend so we're ready for season 2.

RL gets in the way sometimes and we have to beat it back into submission!

I think you need to catch up on the mythos but not necessarily watch the eps. I watched all the eps (admittedly with one eye on the computer so not at full attention) and I'm still confused. If you can read the episode guides or find some nice blogger who has made a summary of the important aspects, that's all you'd need to begin watching S2.

And while I LOVE Walter, I'm not sure it's worth all those hours of your time to watch the missing eps just for him. :)

ETA: Deleted and reposted because I replied to the wrong person. Ooops. :)

WATCH. The back half of season one is so full of promise, and it is on after BONES, so you don't have to change the channel.

I rewatched the S1 penultimate episode last night, and even with the stupid twitters on screen (keeping up on twitter was way better) I was reminded at how well the show was running toward the end.

It gets better as the season goes... I recommend it!

i don't know personally, but i'll pass on what i've heard. my friend has been watching it from the start, and although she complains constantly about how nothing they do on that show wasn't already done better by the x files, she still watches it religiously, which has to count for something. i would go for it. but then i'm weak when it comes to tv. i just started rewatching greys anatomy, because i never really saw the first few seasons. i'm an addict.

in conclusion, watch fringe.

I waffle back and forth on Fringe. I thought it was interesting and pretty cool to begin with (all the comments about how Anna Torv is a wooden monster really confused me, because I thought that was just her character). Then I feel like it got kitchy, and they started flirting with a too-comedic feel (which is probably where you fell off). Then it finished pretty strong, though I kind of saw their big twist coming. At the moment, it's on my to-be-watched on the internet the next day list (alas, the tivo's thursdays are quite full).

In short, you could catch up now, but it probably won't kill your soul to put it aside and catch up later.

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