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weekend o'fail
Fail Doughboy
Some asshole hacked into my site and used it to send spam.  That means my account is suspended until they can delete EVERYTHING and restore it to a fresh state.  Which means that anything I didn't have backed up -- fanart, etc, -- is GONE.

DH is sick and has a fever. M. has had an unrelated fever because of shots and is also cranky, having sleep issues, etc. This has been a fantastic Labor Day wkend so far. *grumbles*

The only thing that would make this wkend complete is if I get sick...

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Oh, dude, that sucks SO BAD. I'm sorry you're having such a craptacular holiday weekend. I hope your family starts to feel better soon - and if they ever find the hacker, I will gladly help you to string them up by their 'sensitive' parts.

Say it with me: I will NOT get sick, I will NOT get sick, I will NOT get sick...

OMG, losing things you've worked long and hard to create is the worst thing in the world. Even when you're working on 1 piece of art and you accidentally close the wrong thing, it's devastating. *hugs you in sympathy*

Sorry to hear you've got people in your household who aren't feeling well. *pout* Lots of Celestial Seasonings honey lemon green tea with ginseng. Soothes me whenever I have anything involving my chest, neck, head, nose, or throat. It's wonderful stuff, plus the green tea helps boost your immune system and the ginseng makes you feel a little less "woe is me."

all of that sucks. a lot. and it should be illegal. hang in there, this too shall pass. (plus have you seen the bones promos? scruffy!booth ftw.)

Oh hon, I'm so sorry. What site did they get into? Can't be your LJ site or you wouldn't be here now. How much do you think you didn't have backed up? Hopefully very, very, very little...

And DH and M. on top of it. Okay, this is not fair. Sorry your week-end is being crap.

Do NOT get sick! I forbid it! (psst... do you think that will help?)

Oh hun, that sucks so much! Not only because of the time you put into the fanart, etc., but into maintaining the site as a whole. Blargh, not cool.

I hope DH and M start feeling better and that you magically avoid getting sick! (((hugs)))

Soon you'll look back and will smile remembering this wkend, that'll mean it's over. :)


So now you only need to keep your fingers crossed for the washing machine breaking down or an ant invasion in your kitchen for this to be the best Labor Day weekend ever ;)

I swear by crushed garlic (1 clove) & honey (2T) steeped in a mug of warm water under a lid for 10m and then adding freshly squeezed lemon juice. Haven't had a cold for years and years!

Are you supposed to drink that? Because I think I'd rather have the cold...

Ha ha... It tastes better than Baileys ;)

I don't believe it for a second ;)

Managed to hold on that wkend, but now I feel like I might be getting sick. I've taken garlic capsules before, and honey/lemon tea, but never the particular concoction you've mentioned. I'm going to try it once I can get DH to pick up some lemons for me.

Thanks for the recipe. :)

Ergh!!!! Babe! ((((hugs)))) Bad enough that your babies (!) are sick, but that is awful! Did you lose anything completely precious?? I know everything is precious really... which reminds me I must back up fic at ff.net - have lost the originals to computer implosions, etc.

:( i'm sorry to hear about your site. that terribly sucks!

I'm sorry that things are suckin' for you this weekend. I really hope the fevers break tomorrow and you can enjoy the holiday.

Oh, wow: the weekend of fail, most surely. [passes tea and cookies, because love=food.) On the positive side? the weekend will be over very soon. :;hugs::

The only thing that would make this wkend complete is if I get sick...
Did you say that aloud? Wow, you ARE brave!

Hope everyone/everything gets better!

What is it with everyone getting sick? I got strep and bronchitis the same time all your people got sick. So weird.

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