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Fail Doughboy
You know you're getting old when the random aches and pains start to appear.  While out running errands with M., I realized my right leg hurt.  Why?  I don't know.  What the heck did I do to it?  I don't know.  

"You lie!"

Sorry, just had to stick that in there. *g*

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Maybe it's from lugging your baby carrier around? Or maybe M is nibbling on you while you're sleeping. Either/or.

LOL at "You lie!". I spent about an hour this morning loling at ontd_political's reaction gifs. :)

*nods* I think M. has been sneaking out of her room at midnight (she's no longer in ours!) and gumming on my leg. That sounds right.

American politics; we bring the lulz.

*gasp* How did I not know there's an ontd_political?! Just went over there. Thank you for mentioning it. *puts a gold star on your forehead*

LMAO at M's sneakiness. She is stealthy like that. :)

*prances happily with shiny gold star*

Oy, I so hear you. When did I start groaning like a 90 year upon rising from the couch, I wonder?

It's so attractive...

Or when sitting down going, 'Oof!' ..yeah that's me too ;)

Older, wiser, and creakier. *g*

Vinny is too cute!!!

Yeah. It's not pretty at all.

But we are like fine wine. *keeps repeating to self* ;)

*hands you a heating pad*

Oh, yeah, I've noticed that happening. But I totally still blame it on Hayden (he's three now) - I just assume that he kicked me in his sleep or insisted on being carried all the way to the park or something and my love for him is so great that I simply erased the memory, lol.

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