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Lucky Charms (Double Drabble #2)
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Title: Lucky Charms (A reference to the cereal of the same name. See the notes below if you'd like a more precise description of Lucky Charms. :) )
Series: All That Lies Between Us
Prompt: Breakfast
Rating:  M
Word Count: 200
Characters: Seeley Booth, Temperance Brennan
Spoilers: None
A/N: The following is a double drabble—200 word vignette—set in the future.
Notes: From Wikipedia: “Lucky Charms is a popular brand of breakfast cereal produced by the General Mills cereal company of Golden Valley, Minnesota. The cereal consists of two main components: small, toasted bits of oats and multi-colored marshmallow bits (or marbits) in various "magical" shapes making up over 25 percent of the cereal's volume.[1 The label features an affable leprechaun mascot, Lucky, animated in commercials.”

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Is that ED in your icon? Who's the guy?

Yes, it's ED and the guy's name is Derek Cecil. The picture is from a short film (of 30 min) she did in 2005 called "That Night."

Oh, neat. Thanks for clarifying. :)

Adorably schmoopy Booth.

HA! When he pressed the clover into her bellybutton I was like o_O because I could understand how she suddenly had her shirt up to where he could reach the naval. And then the word nipple appears and suddenly it all becomes very clear.

I LOVE that you surprised me! That's it, I'm officially adding you.

And I'm sorry that you're getting 3002384 comments from me. I can't resist complimenting good work. :)