March 5th, 2008


Random thoughts about writing and reading

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If you've recently read an enjoyable novel, would you mind commenting with the title?  I need something to read.  I don't read horror, but every other genre is fair game.  The only other restriction is that the novel not be written in first person point of view.  There's nothing wrong with first person POV; I just don't want to read it right now.

And yes, I know tastes differ.  I won't blame you if I don't like the book. :)
Like Kissing Your Brother - fan_cifully

Fic: Proximity (1/2)

Title: Proximity (1/2)
Word Count: 1588
Takes place after The Santa in the Slush
Spoilers: Through The Santa in the Slush.
Summary:  An unexpected sight raises some unsettling issues in Brennan's mind.
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Rating:  PG-13
Feedback: is always appreciated. If criticizing, please be constructive.
Notes: This grew out of a ficlet of the same name in All That Lies Between Us. I've been debating posting this for a few weeks.

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Click here for Ch. 2

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