March 7th, 2008


Anonymous Review

So Proximity netted the following anonymous review at (And can I just say that I was blown away by the response to this fic?):

"You have a great deal of unfinished fics. Wish you'd finish them before starting something new. I'm getting confused."

This comment didn't upset me; people have the right to wish whatever they want.  It did leave me a bit confused, though.  And I'll admit the timing of the comment gave me a chuckle.  *g* 

I do have several unfinished fics, and they're clearly labeled that way.  So if reading works-in-progress is confusing, why not stop reading them?  As a reader, do what's right for you.  If it confuses you to read more than one book at a time, then finish one before starting the next.  If reading more than one fanfic author at a time confuses you, then stick to one.  If reading more than one of my ongoing stories at a time confuses you, then stick to one--or none. 

The choice here, I think, is in the reader's hands, not the writer's. 

The solution really isn't that confusing.   
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The Wire

I downloaded the final episode of The Wire.  The show finale--not a season ender.  It won't air on HBO until Sunday night; DH insists that we're going to stay "pure" and not watch till then.  *groan*  How will I resist the temptation to watch before then?