June 6th, 2008


Drabble Meme

Borrowed from the beautiful and eloquent sillysun22 and modified very slightly:

I will write a drabble (100 words exactly) for anyone who the first ten people to comments and asks for one. In return, you must post this in your journal--if you feel so inclined. You may request the character and/or pairing - though I can't promise I will write them in a relationship - for the following fandoms:
  • Bones (I know -- what a surprise! *g*  But feel free to request something besides Brennan and Booth.)
  • Original (No fandom;  just give me a prompt, and I'll see what I can scrounge up.)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I'm a little chicken about writing in this fandom because I have it up on a pedestal.)
Uriah  - lerdo

Bones Drabble: Hemorrhage In My Hands

Written for last_archangel for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Hemorrhage In My Hands
Fandom:  Bones
Characters:  Hodgins, Angela
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  Oblique references to The Pain in the Heart.
Timeline:  Set after The Pain in the Heart.
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  None.  last_archangel just requested Hodgins/Angela.
Notes:  Keeping this to 100 words was tough.

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