August 6th, 2009


From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 10:24:49: @SofiFagnilli Thank you, Sofi! *smooch*
  • 10:25:06: @simplyn2deep Thanks a lot, Lizet! :)
  • 10:25:48: @Labsquint Thanks, LSQ! From your lips to M.'s ears. *g* *hugs*
  • 10:26:35: @spacekid77 Thank you, Space! *smooch* And happy birthday hugs to A. Can you believe how big your baby girl is today? :)
  • 16:58:00: @bertie_456 Danke, bertie. Hope you're enjoying the wilds of Scotland. :)
  • 16:58:33: @neuralcluster Thanks, Lev! The sleeping all day isn't happening, but all is basically right with the world, so I can't complain. :)
  • 16:59:52: @sweetjamielee *smooch* Thanks for the good wishes, honey. :) Sleep deprivation aside, I am very fortunate, and I appreciate it.
  • 17:01:26: @mediadivadesign Thank you! :) BTW, I don't think I've responded to your comment about the filter yet, but I did ADD you to the filter.
  • 17:02:15: @smitha_r I'm saving that one to read later. BTW, you've posted some interesting links on the subject. How are you finding them?
  • 17:03:24: @smitha_r (cont.) If you don't mind my asking, that is. I enjoy many of the articles you link; are there particular blogs you follow?
  • 17:03:38: @smitha_r Not to be all stalkery, though. *g*
  • 18:37:27: @terraphim My $.02: Start at the beginning, with the miniseries.

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