February 12th, 2010


mea culpa

Sometimes we hurt or offend people without intending to and without necessarily even realizing it.  So if I have hurt you in some way -- if I missed an important post or comment, if I said that something that hit you the wrong way, if I forgot something I should have remembered -- I am sorry.

This post isn't prompted by anything specific. I just know that the biggest downside of having a child (for me) is the startling way in which time contracted -- and hasn't yet really expanded again. Maybe it will be years before it does; I don't know.  I know things slip past me all the time...  If you slipped past me, I apologize.

It is rare that I actually intend to hurt or anger someone; unfortunately, it's usually my DH who's on the receiving end of that. *g*  So if I tripped over my tongue with you, I apologize.

Please forgive me, if you can.
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