January 12th, 2011


Wednesday Smiles

I am not having a great winter. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of reasons to smile.

1) M. has entered the imaginative play stage. She pretends to eat the food she sees in books, and then says, "Yum!" or "Delicious!"

2) When she plays with her toy phone, M. says, "This is (my real name)..." because she hears me say my name when I'm on the phone with random people.

3) She likes to tell me and her dad that she is "going to get coffee." *g*

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Music Note


Quick, what have you been listening to lately?


1) Kanye - All of the Lights
2) Adele
3) Sia - My Love
4) Chester See - God Damn, You're Beautiful (This song is beyond cheesy, and I love it. Unabashedly.)
5) Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike
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