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Fail Doughboy
FML.  M. and I are both sick.  I thought I just had a mild cold, but I can feel the temperature coming on now. :(  I feel even worse for her; it's not like she can talk and tell us how she's feeling or what she needs.

And her rice ceremony is tomorrow.

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I hope you both feel better :(

Aw, hon, so sorry to hear this. You two rest up and get better!

Does she really have to eat it, or can you both pretend? You poor babies, both of you. I'm also sorry that you and your daughter can't talk about what's going on. She may be very confused, right now. I have so much admiration for pediatricians. They can't do any kind of interview with their patients, unless they are astute at baby talkin' and cryin'.


I'll keep you both in my prayers for swift, uneventful recoveries.

We had to reschedule Annie's baptism (she was 3 months at the time) cause she and I were both sick, so I kinda know what you're going through... any chance of rescheduling or not enough time now?
Hope you guys feel better soon, hon - just keep in mind that however you feel is probably how she feels and go from there... pretty much all you can do. *hugs*

i hope you feel better soon! on the bright side, you now get a new bones episode, EVERY WEEK. this is great news. =)

i'm sending good vibes.

I hope you both feel better soon!

I hope you both feel better very soon, and that if you ended up going that the ceremony went well. *hugs* ♥

Hope you are feeling better now, my lovely - both of you ((hugs))

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