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Prompt me, baby.
Hmm!Booth - lerdo
This week has been pretty bad so far, and it's only Wednesday. I'm feeling a little lackluster, so I'm going to borrow an idea from witchofthedogs. *waves to Witchy*

If you feel up to it, please leave me a comment with a prompt. The prompt can be a phrase, a pairing, a song, a quote, an image, an episode, a vid on Youtube, or whatever you'd like. Over the next few days, I'll try and write you a Bones drabble or ficlet in response. Unlike Witchy, I'm not brave enough to say I'll DEFINITELY write you one. Because if I write it, and it sucks lemons, I'm not posting it. :D *sigh* Sorry, it's been that kind of week.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Court, for the prompt and the hug. The week continues to get worse, but I'll survive. ;)

Court, thanks again for the prompt. I responded here.

I love this idea. And I think that you are very brave, undoubtedly :D

Do you know the U2’s song "Whos Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"?
You can find the lyrics here
I hope that it isn't very difficult.

*I spit to your week*


Your icon is so sweet. :)

I LOVE Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (and U2 in general).

Thanks for the prompt and the hugs; both are much appreciated!

Besos para ti.

Thanks again for the prompt! I used it here.

First of all: *hugs*. I hope your week improves, pronto! Sending you all the thoughts of DB in that tub that I can spare.

I even think I might steal this idea! But first, I need to leave you with this prompt, which is fresh in my mind, since we *just* talked about it.

The moment from Man in the Mansion where Sully asks Booth for guy advice and deduces that Booth has feelings for Brennan. What if that conversation compelled Booth to act on those feelings we all know he was having? What would've happened?

Thanks, sweetie, for the hugs, dirty thoughts, and the prompt. I appreciate them all.

I even think I might steal this idea!

I'm glad you did, and I left you a prompt. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

What if that conversation compelled Booth to act on those feelings we all know he was having? What would've happened?

*g* Oh man, you're good.

I've always wondered what would it be like if Booth and Brennan were hanging out and they catched an X-Files episode on TV. I think Brennan would not know at all what was all about and Booth would have to explain everything to her. I don't know if you're into XF enough or at all, but had to try. ;)

My week's being quite weird/bad up to now too, let's kick RL's ass together.

I'm spending next weekend out of town and thought about printing some fiction for reading in the bus, your recent drabbles (I just noticed them) may wait until then. :) I really can't wait, but I'll try.


You know, I've seen a couple XF episodes here and there, though that was a long time ago. But I liked what I saw, and I know many Bones fans are also XF fans. Let me watch some more eps, and then I'll take a crack at this. By the way, you must be very excited for the next XF movie. :D

My week's being quite weird/bad up to now too, let's kick RL's ass together.

I'm sorry to hear that, hon. Thanks for the rallying cry. :) I hope things get better for you from here on out! *hugs*

Have fun on your wkend trip; I hope you are going somewhere enjoyable. And printing fic to read on the bus is a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind for my next long drive, whenever that is.

By the way, you must be very excited for the next XF movie. :D

You have no idea. ;)

Have fun on your wkend trip; I hope you are going somewhere enjoyable.

Thanks, I'm visiting danakidman in Madrid. We'll watch Bones together!! Going out, getting drunk... yep, I think it'll be fun.

I really hope your week become better and better. And if you need something at my reach, just ask. ;)

Brennan's Christmas gift for Booth.

I can't think properly right now -no food just work- but whatever naughty you write would work for me =P.

*squeezy hugs for you*

Ah, so you'd like something naughty, eh? ;) I shall see what I can do, my dear.

*hugs you back* Thanks for the hug and the prompt!

Awww. *hugs* I'm sorry you're having a rough week. But, maybe this will be just...strangely unconventional...enough to spark a creative idea. :D

Lost in a Crowd

Artist Rusted Root
Album When I Woke
Track Lost in a Crowd

Lyrics Invoke the light to shelter you Cause everybody wants a piece of you

Yesterday lost in a crowd Yesterday lost in a crowd, I was lost, lost, now I’m found.

Yesterday, lost in a crowd. Yesterday, lost in a crowd. I was lost, lost, now I’m found.

Invoke the light to shelter you ‘Cause everybody wants a piece of you It’s the dyin’ man, what she said. Invoke the light to shelter you ‘Cause everybody wants a piece of you. It’s the dyin’ man, what she said.

Yesterday I was lost and you kicked me some food Boy it was nice to be here with you.

Thank you for the sympathy, the hugs, and the prompt. I haven't heard Rusted Root since I was in high school *g* I remember Send Me On My Way. I'm not familiar with Lost in a Crowd, but I think that's a good thing. The newness of it may spark something.

Hope your week is going well! *hugs*

Bummer on the suckingness of the week.

But here's something of the good from the Bones fandom: DB was interviewed on BBC radio, and expressed that he enjoys working with ED more than with SMG. :-)

And, something of the good from me: ::hugs:: and virtual hot chocolate. :-)

and...oh, yes: a prompt: Brennan's face in The Santa in the Slush when Cam said, "don't jump to conclusions".... and Brennan remembers Booth telling HER in S2, The Man in the Concrete, "don't jump to conclusions"....

Thank you for the DB tidbit, the hugs, the hot chocolate, and the prompt. Mmm mmm good. :) *hugs you back*

I've got to check out that BBC interview; I know it's floating around on the Bones communities. You know, DB's comment makes me both sad and happy, as Buffy/Angel will always own a corner of my heart, though B/B have also taken up some real estate there. *g*

and...oh, yes: a prompt

Hmmm... *ponders*

OMG! So I know I just friended you literally two seconds ago and am already soliciting fic, but I've been thinking that this would make the best prompt EVER for a really long time.

My prompt is a song that I think, if converted to a B/B fic, would be the greatest thing pretty much EVER. It was actually on my mix so you have it, but here are the lyrics:

The First Five Times by Stars

First time in the back yard
underneath the plastic sheeting
outside, it was pouring
and we were drunk as shit.

Next time at a party
when all our friends were there
there is nothing like bare mattresses
underneath the stairs.

Third time in a doorway
with the lights all on around us
and the audience beside us
and your man watching from the trees.

Fourth time I said that's that
you've agreed to give me everything
now I've got to ask you one more thing
keep doing that forever.

Fifth time in your bedroom
when finally we rested
and you leaned upon your elbow
and began to speak to me
but you stopped yourself and kissed me
and I grabbed your wrist and told you
"I know, I know, I know
I feel the same as you."

And every day it's changed since then
in every way I've changed since then
driven outside and driven in.

Oh my god. I just discovered this song today and was watching some random vid on Youtube set to it. I think you had it listed as the song you were listening to when you posted your mix, and the title intrigued me. So I looked it up, listened to it, and started thinking about how it could fit Booth and Brennan. That's really funny.

Anyway, I'll see what I can do. :)

Edited at 2007-12-14 03:20 am (UTC)

Ok. This one's late in coming, but I just had to think about it a bit.
I've been mulling ideas for a fic in my head, but I doubt it's going to come to fruition (the well's been dry for a while).

I've got this one line in my mind, and I'd be curious to see what someone else would do with it:

(our two fave characters would be sharing a comfortable silence, maybe in the diner or at home after some late-night take out)

Brennan would just come out with "I used to believe in God, before my parents disappeared"

Dunno. It would just be such a nice insight into a complex character...

Oh baby, I didn't know you were having a hard time of it! Oh I feel like a real idiot now. Every time I read one of your fics and comment and you reply and we get into conversations, I think I need to friend you. And I always forget and remember again. And now you've been having a bad week and I was totally not here to provide hugs! So I am friending now. I refuse to miss anything.

You have my prompts *grins* but if you're in need of more, ever, just give me a shout. I can be very creative with situations - just that my muse moved to Argentina a couple of years ago and hasn't even sent me a postcard. Bitch. So yeah, I'm not the writer in this relationship - quite obviously.

I hope things are improving for you, I hate to think of you having a bad week! Mine's been pretty dodgy too but it's getting better - the sun'll come out tomorrow, I promise!

*big tackles, lots of hugs and kisses*

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