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*yawn* pre-bed randomness
It's past my bedtime.  I know, I'm lame.  And old.  But the baby is an early riser, and I need my shuteye. 

Had to get this off my chest, though.  Nothing's solid, but I can't help wondering if I'm done with writing Bones fic.  It feels really weird to even be considering that possibility, but there it is. 

Good night, all. 

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I've felt that way regarding BtVS. But eventually, a new idea comes my way and I feel compelled all over.

It's okay, I went through the same thing. I don't think I'll write Bones fic ever again either. And I just deleted my last Bones icon. Wow.

I've always accepted that fandom love and creativity is transitory and fleeting, something you soak up and enjoy in the moment, but which is ultimately fated to fade away and be replaced by another love. :)

Oy! Just don't delete the fics.... (selfishly thinks about the recs I've listed.)

Good gravy, I'd never do that!! Bones fics are some of the best fics I have ever written in my life and I love them to pieces, even if I don't plan on writing anymore. :D

You might be done with the Bonesfics. Doesn't matter, though: you are still YOU; you are still wonderful.

Sometimes, we close the door and whoosh! a window opens. :-)

Don't fret about it. Enjoy your darling baby, your wonderful husband, your full and rich life, your family, your friends - both online and off.

Ya don't have to write The Fic to enjoy the show. :-)


I had the same experience - after 2 years of writing more than 30 stories for one show, I doubt that I am going to write any more. I still love the show, still love many of the characters, including the ones I originally started writing and shipping, but I no longer have the compulsion to write. It is not unusual, I think. It just seems to be the cycle of, dare I say it, creative obsession.

I like to think of it as an intensive training period - having done my 'drills' I am ready to do other work, to go further in my training. It's a good thing, even though it feels a little sad.

I guess that a year ago I would have left a comment with something along "OMG NOES YOU CAN'T STOP WRITING THE MOST PERFECT B/B CHARACTERIZATION." Today, though, I'm going to tell you just one thing that I realized myself: sometimes changes are for good. And if that involves stop writing Bones fic...well...you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe it's what you need right now. Take off the pressure of having a Fic-to-Finish List and all, you know?


It's interesting you feel this way - I do too. I think it's partly about investing more time in RL and something having to give and partly feeling like I've kind of written anything I wanted to for that pairing. It's certainly not that I have fallen out of love for them, as it has been in the past with me.

I suspect I might write the odd thing now and again but the constant urge has definitely abated. It's kind of sad, isn't it?

I shall miss reading your fic for this fandom.

oh dear god, you too?!

This is a sad day for Bones-fic, but as I say below - you have to trust what you feel, I guess.

Daw, that's very kind of you - but yeah, you can't force it, I guess :(

I sincerely hope you're not done with Bones fic (I would be sad!), but if that's how you're feeling then don't pretend otherwise.

Just know that there would always be an audience for you, should you wish to return to the fold!

I am, of course, sorry to hear that, but I understand it at the same time. RL has a whole different flavour for you now and either that same connection with the characters might not be there or maybe you feel you're taken them down all the roads you personally had for them. Either way, the more important thing is to keep writing for whatever grabs you. And who knows, maybe someday something in canon will strike you and you'll write something else. And if not, that's okay. I think this is a normal part of the creative cycle. If you don't do new stuff, the writing gets stale. Writing is a journey and you've simply taken a new path...

I came for the fic, I stayed for you. Do what feels right.

Hugs to you.

As sad as the thought of you not writing makes me, I do understand. I have had weeks and even months when I looked at the computer keyboard with something akin to hatred. So I guess it makes sense to follow your heart on this. If you don't want to write but you force yourself to anyway, you might hate the end product.

While I can't keep myself from hoping you have a change of heart, I find you fascinating and fun all on your own. You'll do what you need to do - we'll all still be here.

I'll admit that I haven't gotten around to the majority of your fic yet, but the ones I've read have all been nothing short of amazing. It would be a sad day if you decide never to write any more Bones fic, but sometimes there's nothing you or anyone else can do to force it. Take some time away from it. We understand.

Well, I'm not surprised. RL has far more to offer you now than what goes on here. I have loved your Bones writing and will continue to do so, even if you add nothing more to your canon. C'est la vie bb.

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