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What are you watching?
Hodgins - King of the Funeral
What still-on-the-air TV shows are you watching (i.e. shows that aren't permanently finished)?

My list:
  • Bones
  • Glee (One ep to go, and I'll be caught up.)
  • The Office
  • Warehouse 13 (Have watched several episodes and have several still to go.)
  • 30 Rock (When it returns)
  • Supernatural (Someday I will get caught up, atimi!)
Shows I am intrigued by:
  • The Good Wife
  • Lie to Me
  • Castle
  • Stargate Universe
  • In Plain Sight

I am watching: House, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Castle (which is great, funny in a good way), Glee, Top Chef, Bones, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, and Flash Forward. I think that is it! I watch way too much TV.

Hmm, let's see...

*Glee - OMG I am LOVING Glee right now!
**House (periodically - I'm not actually up-to-date on House, but some of my friends have been watching it, and so I've watched a couple eps with them)
*Lie to Me
*NCIS: Los Angeles
* The Mentalist - although, I haven't watched any this season yet, because CBS is stupid and hasn't put it's full eps online, and I have been to busy to watch it over here on our cluster TV when it's actually on.
**American Idol - when it comes back in January.
**Supernatural - eventually I will get caught up, but right now I just don't have time to. This may end up being a next summer project.
**The Office - Am not up-to-date on this either, but I've watched a couple eps with friends here and am enjoying it.

At the moment.. FlashForward. Watched a bit of Fringe too and Season 2 is sort of drawing me in more and more. Otherwise, nothing much except DVDs of old shows and some British TV...

I haven't seen any of those that you list except Bones (constantly) and some of the others (on and off) - which one do you like most? Also, about those that you're intrigued by - Lie to Me has been airing pretty infrequently in the UK and the others I don't even know, sorry.

In any case, make sure you enjoy whatever you choose. :)

Bones, Lie to Me, NCIS, Fringe, Warehouse 13, occasionally The Mentalist

I am watching way too much! Since I only watch an hour a day (two on weekends) I'm sort of permanently behind, but here goes, with comments -

How I Met Your Mother - so funny. NPH is a comic genius and I love the accurate take the show has on NYC.

The Good Wife - this is just excellent. A realistic portrait of a family dealing with political and personal scandal.

Glee - I love this. Total crack.

Bones - nuff said.

Flash Forward - intriguing so far.

Supernatural - I don't love it as much as some, but each season it's gotten stronger. And I love Mischa Collins.

Smallville - so bad. so very bad. And yet, I watch.

Mad Men - this gives me so much to think about.

Psych - pure fun.

and when thy come on:

30 Rock - Who knew that Alec Baldwin had this within him?

Lost - a wild ride. Doesn't make any sense, but who cares?

V - I loved the original, so we'll see.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, it still weirds me out SO MUCH that my old f-list call me atimi now. :\

Don't worry it weirds us out too ;)

I watch: Bones, Glee, Psych, Dollhouse, Fringe, House and Crminal Minds.

I have on, but don't pay much attention to CSI, NCIS and SPN.

I'm very excited about SGU because I love SCI FI. I'm also excited about V.

I've just gotten into Lie to Me.

I also like Curb Your Enthusiasm and this new HBO show, Bored to Death. I'm looking forward to Caprica. There is a BBCAM series I'm obsessed with called Being Human. I can't wait for it to come back! It's really good. It's about 3 roommates, two guys and a gal. Also, they're a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost, respectively. It's something else.

Oh, and out of loyalty to Michelle Trachtenberg because she's a BTVS alumni, I have also been watching Mercy. I think that's her show. She's a new nurse who has the Dr. Carter role from ER. It's pretty good.

I'm a raging insomniac and don't get a lot of sleep so I'm watching waaay too many shows... what else is there to do at 3 in the morning??

I watch: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Accidentally on Purpose, House, Heroes, Greek, Lie To Me, 90210, Melrose Place, The Forgotten, The Good Wife, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, Eastwick, Cougar Town, The Middle, Modern Family, Mercy, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Private Practice, Flash Forward, Community, Fringe, Ghost Whisperer, Dollhouse, Smallville, Numbers, Psych, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Army Wives, In Plain Sight, Doctor Who, Torchwood, 30 Rock, Warehouse 13, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Wizards of Waverly Place, General Hospital and One Life to Live

- Castle
- Fringe
- Criminal Minds
- Doctor Who (when it comes back)
- Primeval (It's coming back! YAY!)
- Legend of the Seeker (when it comes back)
- Supernatural (I'm almost done with season 1. Woohoo!)

Shows that I catch an episode here and there:
- Glee (It's just too cute.)
- NCIS: LA (I'm not sure I'm loving it, yet.)
- Warehouse 13 (I've seen bits and pieces, but not much. I'll probably turn this into a marathon watch one of these weekends.)

Edited at 2009-10-11 12:49 am (UTC)

You will be in awe of the sadness of me. Here goes though: Bones, Merlin, Warehouse 13, NCIS, Legend of the Seeker, The Mentalist, Flash Forward, Stargate Universe, Mythbusters and soon to be Dollhouse as well.

Can you tell I have no life.

Still watching: (even though the series may be in hiatus till next summer)
Big Bang Theory
The Closer
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Masterpiece Mystery Theatre
Nurse Jackie
Project Runway
Royal Pains
Warehouse 13

Started watching in August, and am now semi-hooked:

Interested, but watch irregularly:
Law & Order

May watch regularly, depending on what else is on:

Edited at 2009-10-11 01:21 am (UTC)

Current shows watching:
Brothers & Sisters
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
The Office

Shows I'm catching up on:
The West Wing (started watching while airing and stopped 5th season)

New seasons and new shows haven't started on tv here, so Bones, House, Fringe, and Castle are the ones that I follow online, religiously.

I'm waiting for new seasons of Greys, Cold Case, and Lost, and as for new shows, I wanna see Glee, The Good Wife, Three Rivers, and Flash Forward.

So many that I keep an Excel sheet to keep track: Bones, NCIS, Glee, Supernatural, Project Runway, Castle, The Good Wife, Biggest Loser, Dollhouse, Psych, Dexter, Merlin, and Eastwick.

i have a tivo schedule made listing what im watching and what wont record and has to be watched online and on itunes... it's not an excel sheet but it's a comprehensive chart...