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Wednesday Smiles
My smile:

I've read two great books recently:  The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America and The Road

I mostly post fannish things in this journal, but I think it's easy to forget that there is a real person behind the fic and the Bones commentary. Same goes for other people, of course. So I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our humanity.

If you'd like to do so, please tell me something that made you smile this week, no matter how small. Could be the snuggle your dog gave you on Monday, the song you discovered on Tuesday, or the way your significant other smiled at you today. I've been posting these since December 2007. If you feel up to it, please respond—here, in your own journal, or elsewhere. Feel free to post more than one thing and/or respond to other comments.

Why am I doing this? Because I think it is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses, big and small, that we all experience. Being able to focus on one positive thing, however small, can give one a valuable sense of perspective.

Why Wednesday? I figure a little mid-week cheer can't hurt. :)

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I won't know if it will make me smile for another couple of hours, but I have an appointment this morning with the University's writer-in-residence, an award winning Canadian author named Trevor Cole. He's here for the term to consult with writers on campus and to share his knowledge. Well, I'm not in the English department but what the hell. I should take advantage while the opportunity is there, right?

Most writers meet with him about their actual writing. But for me that's not what I need help on right now, so I'm going to pick his brain about publishing for an hour. So, fingers crossed that it will go well. He's here until December, so maybe next month we'll talk actual writing...

Good for you! Hope your meeting did make you smile :)

It certainly did! I'm writing a full update for my LJ that will go up tonight. Stay tuned...

(of course, if you were on Twitter, you'd already know how the meeting went.... poke poke poke... come on, join already!)

Let's see...

We got a new pup weekend before last. He's constantly doing something goofy to make me smile. (As do the other "kids" in the house. lol)

I'm on vacation this week. Doing nothing is always nice. :)

I finally finished season 1 of Supernatural. And, I absolutely must watch at least the first episode of season 2 today to find out what happens next.

My central heating is making progress. The workmen (well boys really) turned up at 8.20 this morning and have almost got all the radiators in. Now they need to figure out why the bath tap runs when I turn on the water in the hand basin. *shrugs*

My brother. Phone calls from friends. Geeking out over video games. RL discussions about Glee.

Went to a box sale at a local bookstore recently - am having fun going thru my choices now.
Today I pay off my car loan!
Watching S4 of Bones on DVD.

-My new underwear. Seriously. *Face palm at my dorkiness*

-Oh, and catching up on more X-files while everything else is repeats

Edited at 2009-10-28 05:37 pm (UTC)

I've finally found a hairdresser who can cut my hair :) Very superficial, I know, but having your hair turn curly is confusing.

Having your hair turn curly? Try living with it curly all the time! It sucks big time, let me tell you. My kingdom for straight hair... ;)

But I am, living with it curly all the time. My wavy, glossy hair is gone :( Feels like I suddenly got someone else's hair.

Well, my hair has always been stupid curly, so I can commiserate. Now, this isn't meant to be an insult because I don't know exactly how old you are, but could this be hormonal? Maybe really early peri-menopausal? I've heard of people who have had that happen to them...

*lol* Only you would think of something like that! Not insulted at all, but I've been ill.

Yeah, I know; I'm such a geek! Being sick is not going to curl your hair unless they've put you on some sort of hefty chemical therapy. And I hope you haven't been that sick!

I'm all healthy now :)

Hurrah! Good news... :D

I've been living with my mother for a few months to save up for my own place soon, and my brother moved in a couple months ago because of difficulties with his wife. Today, he moved back with her, which is a yay for two reasons:

1. Yay for them working things out (esp since they're expecting - another yay) and
2. my really happy yay: i finally FINALLY have my own bathroom again! (hey, you have to enjoy the smalll things in life)

well i'm sick, which isn't smiley, but i missed this post last week, and now its back, so theres that!

also i love npr podcasts.

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