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Fic: He Won't Cry (Drabble #3)

Title: He Won't Cry
Series:  All That Lies Between Us
Word Count: 100
Characters: Parker, Booth
A/N: All right, my week continues to get worse, but that's ok.  I suppose not every week can be good. :)  Thanks to everyone who sent prompts, hugs, and/or reviews;  I'm behind on responding, but I promise I will write you all back—even if it takes me a bit longer than I'd like.

If you don't know what monkey bars are, here's a link to an image: 

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“Daddy, watch!  I can go all the way by myself.”

Booth watches obediently as Parker swings his way across the monkey bars.  

It happens so fast; his hands slip free and he falls.

When Booth reaches him, Parker pulls himself to his feet.  “Hey, let me see, buddy.”

“I'm ok.”

In the gold of Parker's hair, Booth sees Rebecca, in the shape of his eyes he sees her, too, but in the tremble of his mouth and its sudden firmness, in his stubborn insistence that everything is ok even as the gash on his chin bleeds red, Booth sees himself.
Tags: all that lies between us, bones, bones: fic, fic
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