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driving by to say...
I fear I have a new show and a new ship -- Lie to Me and Cal/Gillian.  

I don't need either one. 

Now that I've confessed, I have to go to bed.  Unfortunately, M.'s been waking up at night again.  Only once or so, though. 

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LTM is easily addictive... I have yet to catch up on S1 but have been watching some of this season!
And lucky you w/ the sleeping through the night! I have a 2yo who still doesn't. *groan*

*pets you and Cole*

That's a nightmare :(

I'm enjoying the heck out of it!

Sometimes M. sleeps through the night, sometimes she doesn't. How many times does Cole get up? You have my empathy, btw. It is hard. :(

I've heard there can be different potential sleep issues at different ages, so we'll see what happens as M. gets older. "Mommy, there's a monster underneath my bed!" ;)

LOL! He gets up once - to walk from his bedroom to ours and get in bed w/ us. Yeah, I'm a sucker... he's pretty much always slept w/ me. It's actually progress made that he starts out in his own bed! *sigh*


its really, really great. and the best part is that its the perfect "but i don't have time for another show show."

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I couldn't help it; the whole cast just sucked me in.

its such a great binge show too. its the show i watch when i have enough time to watch like twelve episodes in a row.

great icon!

OH NO! But I have to say that it was inevitable since it's such an awesome show and fandom ♥

Glad to have you aboard! xxx

It IS awesome. <3

Thanks, hon. :)

Woot!!! I am so addicted!!!

Feeding your addiction:


It may even inspire me to fic ;)

Edited at 2009-10-30 06:37 am (UTC)

*squees* So glad you're on this train already. :D

Love the show. LOVE IT.

Thank you for the links. <3 Write if the urge strikes, honey!

Yay!! I never miss it! Love Cal/Gillian. There was even a kiss last night. I only have 3 shows though so I can fit it in, particularly as they follow each other on this side of the pond: Bones followed by Lie to Me followed by NCIS:Los Angeles Great dialogue and ships (if you count Callen and LLCoolJ *g*)

I don't know much about NCIS, but that sounds like a pretty complimentary trio of shows.

I hate to say this, but I think Lie to Me might actually be a better show than Bones, overall. *waits to be tarred and feathered* *g*

You are SOOOO not the only one. I am so in love with them!!!


How are you, honey???

This show has captured me in its web.

Everybody stop saying good things about Lie to me. I don't have time for more shows!! XDDDDD

Anyway, I'll end up watching it, at some point. Saying otherwise would be lying to myself.

I hope M. gets back to sleeping well again soon.

At some point, try it. :)

Thank you, honey!

i've been rooting for them, too.

They, and the show, are delightful. <3

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