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Help, parents -- or anyone with baby experience!
Baby Rhino
So Daylight Savings Time just ended.  I have an 8-month-old, and I'm wondering if there are ways to help her adjust her sleep/wake schedule.  The issue is less about my having to get up earlier, and more about the fact that she's just started swimming classes and other scheduled activities, which we won't be able to make if we can't tinker with her sleep schedule a little bit.

Any advice, wise LJ-ers?  *bats eyelashes*

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Unfortunately at this age, they really seem to be clued into light cues and they tend to be hard to shift quickly. But I usually found that within a few days or maybe within a week, they would acclimatize to the time change simply with the activities in the house. But there's really no way to 'force' it. You put them down at their regular time and get them up at their regular time and that in itself will push them into being in the right time frame.

Not much help there, I'm sure...

Is she going to bed too late, or too early?? Too early is easy to fix with a bit of careful crazy to keep her awake.. the other a little more difficult. Like LSQ says, putting her down when you want her to sleep and making everything quiet, still and boring just before bed should help.

Well, the good news is that she will gradually readjust. The bad news is that there is not really any way to rush the process. You can gently try and keep her up a bit later in the evenings and wake her a bit earlier in the mornings, and that will help nudge her sleep in the right direction.

I would say to just keep in mind (I know this was hard for me with Hayden) how incredibly
8 months is; she is capable of so much more than a newborn, of course, but she is still an infant in every significant way. You will find that even within a few months she will become dramatically more capable of following your scheduling cues and regulating behavior like sleep, but 8 mos is just a bit too little for her to respond to concepts much more abstract than "EAT NOW" and "SLEEP NOW" :-) Hang in there!

Random crash:

8 mos is just a bit too little for her to respond to concepts much more abstract than "EAT NOW" and "SLEEP NOW" :-) Hang in there!

This is SO true :)

Oops, I wrote the wrong thing: I meant to say "wake her a bit earlier
after her last nap of the day
" (so she'll be tired for bed and sleep longer).

Obviously keeping a baby up later at night AND waking her earlier in the morning would not be a good plan, lol.

Hmmm. 8months? That's an eternity to me (youngest is now 18) but I found that if I just packed them up when they needed to get up (they usually slept through the process) that by the time we reached said scheduled activity, they were waking up enough to partake (especially swimming - oooh water colder than me! Wah!) But then none of my children slept through the night until they were about 3 years so this sort of timing problem seldom happened for me. I'd follow LSQ's advice.


[scratches head.] Nope, can't think of anything I did with K. IMO, at this age, DST/SST doesn't mean anything; they're on a combination of biorhythms and "mommy rhythms", so IMO, she'll adjust her sleep/wake to your schedule.

Agree with what everyone else said. She will adjust to the new time and schedule but it will just take a few days. I don't really remember it getting in the way of activities but then my oldest didn't like to sleep at all.

Even this morning my oldest was up for school at 6:20, about an hour earlier than he's supposed to. He's 8. Time change is just hard to adjust to, for kids.

If you find out, let me know. My 2 month olds feedin/wake/sleep was screw royally last night and this morning thanks to daylightsavings.

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